Harada One room Angel boys love Manga live action Show Premiere on Oct 19′

Harada One room Angel boys love Manga live action Show Premiere on Oct 19′

One room Angel boys love Manga live action Show

Key Points

  • MBS Live-Action Series Adaptation: MBS revealed the development of a live-action series based on the guys’ romance manga One Room Angel by Harada. On October 19, the programme will make its global debut on MBS’ “Drama Shower” programming block.
  • Cast: Shhei Uesugi, best known for his work in “One Week Friends” and “River’s Edge,” portrays Kki, the main character. The angel is portrayed in the series by Takuya Nishimura, a performer from Kansai Johnny’s Jr.
  • Overview of the Plot: Kki, a worker at a convenience shop, encounters a person claiming to be an angel following a potentially fatal occurrence. Following this encounter, Kki looks after the angel, who is memoryless and unable to fly, in a sequence of incidents.
  • Director and Writer: The adaptation will be directed and written by Yuka Eda, who also created the live-action “Play it Cool, Guys” series. The scripts are written by Aya Watatane.
  • Background Information about the Manga: Harada first released the manga between 2017 and 2019, which was an adaptation of the 2013 short tale “Tomarigi” (Perch). Shodensha published it in the On Blue magazine, and a compiled book volume was published in 2019.
  • Other Works by Harada: On May 2, KUMA published an English version of the manga “Happy Crappy Life” by Harada. Furthermore, they published “The Song of Yoru & Asa” by Harada in March 2022, followed by its sequel, “The Song of Yoru & Asa Encore,” in October 2022. The “Yata-Momo” manga by Harada was published with permission from Denpa.

On Tuesday, MBS made the announcement that it will be creating a live-action series adaptation of Harada’s One Room Angel boys-love manga. The series will have its world premiere on MBS’ “Drama Shower” programming block on October 19.

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Image credit: One Room Angel” Production Committee/MBS

The role of Kki is played by One Week Friends and River’s Edge member Shhei Uesugi, while the role of the angel is played by Kansai Johnny’s Jr. member Takuya Nishimura (right in the image above).

The protagonist of the manga is a careless worker at a convenience store named Kki, who crosses paths with a person who calls themselves an angel. The events of the first chapter begin when an unknown assailant stabs Kiki, and as he lies on the ground bleeding to death, he has a vision of an angel. He was under the impression that he was being ushered into the hereafter, but instead he discovered that he had been completely cured. When he gets back to his house, he discovers that the same angel is already there. Kiki feels sorry for the angel after seeing that he has no memory and is unable to fly, so he offers to take care of him and lets him stay with him for a while.

Yuka Eda, who directed the live-action Play it Cool, Guys series, is in charge of directing the series, and Aya Watatane is writing the scripts.

Between 2017 and 2019, Harada published the manga, which was a remake of a short story titled “Tomarigi” (Perch) that was originally published in 2013, in the On Blue magazine published by Shodensha. 2019 saw the publication of one collected book volume for the manga by Shodensha. The comic was licenced by futekiya, and the English translation was published on comic Planet in December of 2020.

On May 2nd, KUMA released an English translation of the Happy Crappy Life manga by Harada. In addition, KUMA distributed Harada’s The Song of Yoru & Asa manga in March 2022 and its sequel The Song of Yoru & Asa Encore in October 2022. Both of these works were published in 2022. Denpa has acquired the rights to publish Harada’s Yata-Momo manga.

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