Tite Kubo Burn The witch 0.8 anime released trailer prequel

Tite Kubo Burn The witch 0.8 anime released trailer prequel

The anime show Burn The Witch is coming back. It is based on the book of the same name by Tite Kubo. The prequel one-shot manga, which came out in 2018, will be turned into an anime.

It is called BURN THE WITCH #0.8. It will be based on the prequel one-shot manga chapter 0.8, “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover,” which came out before the 4 chapters and was later put together with them in the first book.

It’s another book by Tite Kubo, who wrote BLEACH, and it takes place in the same world. The animation will be done by Studio Colorido (Team Yamahitsuji), and Tatsuro Kawano will be back to direct.

An anime adaptation of the first season of the Burn the Witch manga series was scheduled to air in the year 2020. Despite the fact that it was a feature film, Crunchyroll decided to broadcast it to fans all around the world in the form of three episodes.

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The events of the one-shot prequel that took place in 2018 will be depicted in the future anime adaptation. The trailer for the anime’s preview just came out not too long ago, and in it, it not only showcases some truly incredible animation, but it also gives us a sneak peek at some of the important characters. There has been no word on when the anime will be made available to see.

In the Bleach series, the fight against the Hollows is led by the Soul Society, whereas in Burn the Witch, the two badass witches lead the charge against the dragons who have become a danger to humanity. Even though it takes place in the same universe as Bleach, the story of Burn the Witch is completely different from that series.

Above all else, the fact that Burn the Witch is one of the unusual Shonen series to include two female protagonists contributes significantly to the show’s overall level of intrigue. Additionally, the majority of Shonen series take place in Japan, but this one will provide us the opportunity to learn about the culture of England.

The voice cast for the anime includes:

  • Yuina Yamada as Noel Niihashi
  • Asami Tano as Ninny Spangcole
  • Shinba Tsuchiya as Balgo Parks
  • Rie Hikisaka as Osushi
  • Saori Hayami as Macy Baljure
  • Chikahiro Kobayashi as Bruno Bangnyfe
  • Hiroaki Hirata as Billy Banx Junior
  • Haruka Shimizu as Sullivan Squire

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