TV Show Master Takagi-san Reveals Cast, Staff, March Netflix Debut

TV Show Master Takagi-san Reveals Cast

On Wednesday, the production team for the live-action adaptation of S.ichiro Yamamoto’s Teasing Master Takagi-san (Karakai Jzu no Takagi-san) manga revealed its primary cast, production team, and March 2024 launch date on Netflix globally (before its Japanese television premiere).

Fresh Faces Take the Lead

Teenagers Rui Tsukishima (a model for Shueisha’s Seventeen magazine and a guest actor on an episode of Kamen Rider Geats) and Sya Kurokawa (who played Monster in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s film) play the roles of Takagi and Nishikata, respectively.

The original Shdo Island in Kagawa Prefecture served as the backdrop for the anime adaptation that came before the live-action version, which was shot fully on site there.

Rikiya Imaizumi (live-action Hzuki-san Chi no Aneki, Chihiro-san, Just Only Love) is directing and also co-writing the scripts with Tomoki Kanazawa (Sanctuary, Sabakan) and Jun Hagimori (Sabakan). Other writers on the project include Jun Hagimori (Sabakan). TBS and FINE Entertainment are collaborating on the production of this show.

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Mark Your Calendars for March 2024

The first episode of the series will be available on Netflix on Tuesdays throughout the month of March 2024, and there are plans for an international distribution.

After then, the series will be shown on the Drama Stream programming block on the TBS channel on Tuesdays at 24:58 (which is equivalent to Wednesday at 12:58 a.m. Japan Standard Time).

The manga’s English release from Yen Press provides the following plot summary:

Nishikata, a student in middle school, has had it to the breaking point with Takagi, a classmate who sits nearby. She never stops harassing him with various jokes and practical jokes, day after day after day. Even when he attempts to tease her back, she’s always one step ahead, but in this battle of cunning and youth, he’s not ready to give up so simply!

The manga will be completed by Yamamoto on October 12th. In 2013, Yamamoto debuted the manga in an issue of Gessan mini, which is a booklet that is packaged with Shogakukan’s Gessan (Monthly Shonen Sunday) magazine.

Following the conclusion of Yamamoto’s Fudatsuki no Kyko-chan manga serialisation in June 2016 in Gessan, Teasing Master Takagi-san relocated to Gessan in July of that same year. On March 10, Shogakukan released the 19th collected book volume of the manga series. The 17th volume was released by Yen Press in the month of April.

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Anime and Film Adaptations

In January 2022, the first episode of the third season of the television anime known as Karakai Jzu no Takagi-san 3 (Teasing Master Takagi-san 3) was broadcast on MBS and TBS as part of their Super Animeism block. The anime film adaptation of the franchise, titled Teasing Master Takagi-san: The Movie (Gekijban Karakai Jzu no Takagi-san), was released in Japan in the month of June 2022.

Sentai Filmworks has obtained a licence for the third season as well as the feature, and HIDIVE now offers streaming of the third season. HIDIVE has also begun streaming the English version for the third season of the anime, which features a cast that has previously appeared in Funimation’s adaptation for the first season of the anime. In August of 2022, Sentai Filmworks held screenings of the film in the United States.

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