Connection Between Tupac Shakur-Biggie Smalls Murders, Former Detective Testifies

Connection Between Tupac Shakur-Biggie Smalls Murders

Key points:

  • Detective Mugg testified to a connection between the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.
  • Separate attackers were involved in each murder, exonerating Duane “Keefe D” Davis from Biggie’s death.
  • Davis was arrested for Tupac’s murder after openly discussing his involvement in interviews.
  • The motivation for Davis speaking out was to receive payment for the story.
  • The murders were related, but not carried out by the same individuals.

Based on testimony provided to a grand jury by a former detective, the gunshot that took the life of rapper Tupac Shakur in 1996 was connected to the killing of fellow rap artist Biggie Smalls the following year.

As a retiree Vegas (Sin City) According to CNN, Metro Police Detective Clifford Mugg testified in front of the Clark County grand jury in the Tupac case last month after the recent arrest of Duane “Keefe D” Davis for the death of the hip hop icon. The testimony was given after Davis was charged with Tupac’s murder.

In March of 1997, Smalls was shot and died in Los Angeles when he was riding in a car.

Mugg, one of the investigators working on the Tupac case, said that individuals “associated with both murders were involved,” and he also stated that the “theory was accurate that they were related.”

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He did not share the idea, but he did confess that there were separate attackers in each incident, so exonerating Davis from responsibility for the death of Biggie.

When the defendant stated that the crimes were connected, the prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo asked, “When you say they were related, you’re not saying perpetrated by the same individuals, are you?” Mogg provided his response, which was “That’s correct.” Late in the month of September, Davis was apprehended and accused with Tupac’s murder.

Davis is said to have “talked his way right into jail” according to Mogg’s testimony since he granted so many interviews over the years and talked openly about his suspected involvement in the murder of Tupac. According to the evidence of Mogg, Davis’ primary motivation for speaking out was to receive payment for the scandalous story.

In September of 1996, while Shakur and Suge Knight were in Las Vegas for a boxing bout, Shakur was killed in a vehicle driven by Suge Knight, who was the CEO of Death Row Records at the time. Suge was hurt, but he managed to pull through.

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Source: TMZ

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