Irish Author Cathy Kelly Cancer Diagnosis, Cathy Kelly Twitter Post

Irish Author Cathy Kelly Cancer Diagnosis

Cathy Kelly Cancer Diagnosis

At just over the age of 57, popular author Cathy Kelly has admitted that she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
After receiving the shock diagnosis news, the former contestant on Dancing with the Stars is currently going through chemotherapy.

Cathy, who over the past 25 years has written 20 novels that have been top sellers, took to social media to share the tragic news with her audience.

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She addressed the group with the following message: “Hello, this is a very different post to my usual posts but I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.”I’ve already started treatment, and right now I’m going through chemotherapy.” Cathy expressed her gratitude to the medical professionals who are providing her care while also posting a picture of her pet dog and cat and stating that she is giving them “lots of cuddles.”

She went on to say, “Thanks to the love and support of everyone, as well as an outstanding medical team, I’m doing well, and I’ll be in touch with you all very soon.” “Having lots of cuddles with my beautiful Scamp and Juno. I love them both so much. In addition, the patterns for the chemo hats will be available very shortly. For the time being, a lot of love, Cathy, xx”

The former journalist is now married to John Sheehan, who served as the managing director of Sony Music for many years and is heavily involved in Cathy’s business transactions and contracts. They started dating in the late 1990s and had a lovely wedding in 2010. They tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony.

People quickly began pouring messages of love and support for well-known fiction writer Cathy into the comment section of the post.

Others who have fought cancer in a manner similar to Cathy’s has offered to share their wisdom and experience with her, and they have encouraged her to contact them if she has any inquiries regarding the therapy that she is receiving.

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In the 2022 season of Dancing With the Stars, Cathy made an appearance and danced with the help of dance instructor Maurizio Benenato. After performing the tango to Blondie’s “Call Me,” she was the first contestant to be eliminated from the competition, which was very unfortunate.

Cathy said the following when she was eliminated from the competition: “Over the years, I have been asked to do billions of things, but I don’t do them because I’m quite lowkey. However, I just love dancing.”


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