Bowie the Cat: From Rescued Feline to Lovable Superstar

Bowie the Cat: From Rescued Feline to Lovable Superstar

Did you know that the famous David Bowie had a soft spot for our furry kitty friends? This famous singer wowed people all over the world with his amazing musical skills, unique way of expressing himself artistically, and stunning good looks, especially his beautiful mismatched eyes. The story of a sweet cat that was abandoned and left to fend for itself in Spain ends with its forever person meeting a cat lover who had the right name for her new cat friend. After that, Bowie the Cat appeared, and his beautiful green and sapphire eyes made him an interesting and beautiful creature. To be honest, I just can’t satisfy my need to enjoy Bowie’s obvious charm!


Do not be surprised if you fall in love with Bowie the Cat. He is a truly charming cat. Maria Lloret, Bowie’s loving owner, says that he is a great mix of sweetness and sassiness and is always ready to play. He always seems to steal the show, though, so it looks like Bowie is also good at posing for pictures. People first noticed this cute cat with his unique heterochromia in December 2018, when Maria chose to share him with the world through an Instagram account that was only about how cute he was.

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That’s why Bowie and his loving owner like to make other cat lovers happy. They are grateful for the chance to make other people smile. Additionally, Bowie’s cat mum always stresses how important adoption is, as it truly saves lives.


If you can’t get enough of this cute boy, click this link to follow him on Instagram. That’s not enough Bowie for you? You can also find him on Facebook, which you can do here. Also, don’t forget to check out his cat mom’s cute blog that is completely dedicated to him and has lots of interesting pictures of Bowie. You can even translate the blog into English and Spanish, which is a nice touch.

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It’s clear that Bowie The Cat is going to be a big deal for cats! We’re grateful that Maria told everyone about him. The world is even more wonderful and meow-tastic because of Bowie and Maria.

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