David Beckham Wife Victoria “Working Class” Video Viral On Social media

David Beckham Wife Victoria “Working Class” Video Viral On Social media

David Beckham points out his wife Victoria for saying that she came from a “working class” background while she was growing up.

David Beckham Wife Victoria Working Class Video

David Beckham is giving his wife Victoria a hard time for saying that she was raised in a “working-class” household, and he is insisting that she be truthful about her background in a forthcoming documentary series.

During the filming of the Netflix series “Beckham,” which launched on Wednesday, the couple got into an argument while working on the project. During an interview with the Spice Girls member, Victoria talked about her hard-working family, saying that she belonged in the “working class” category.

After that, David interrupted himself into his wife’s interview and told her for giving the producers false information… and as she tried to defend herself, DB stood his ground and forced her to say what kind of transport she used to get to school when she was a child.

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It would appear that Victoria attempted to sidestep the question, but David continued in asking it until she finally admitted that her father had driven her in a Rolls-Royce. People have been praising David online for his role in preventing Victoria’s claims from being out of hand.

See the video below:

Fans of David are aware that his life, including their connection in the late ’90s and even David’s rumored affair in 2003, is chronicled in a four-part drama that tracks his journey to the top of his international football stardom. The Beckham family was spotted in London on Tuesday for the premiere of the show, which came about three years after David Beckham negotiated a $20 million agreement with Netflix. The finished product was presented in London.

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Source: TMZ

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