Kaylee Timonet loses Scholarship After Twerking Video at homecoming party

Kaylee Timonet loses Scholarship After Twerking Video at homecoming party

Kaylee timonet of Louisiana high school, age 17, scholarship was taken away after her twerking video get seen in the social media. 

Kaylee Timonet loses Scholarship After Twerking Video

A video of a Louisiana high school senior “twerking” during a homecoming after-party was shared on social media, which resulted in the student’s scholarship endorsement being revoked. The teenager had a grade point average of 4.2.

According to the local news blog Unfiltered with Kiran, Kaylee Timonet, who is 17 years old and a senior at Walker High School in Walker, Louisiana, was also removed from her position as president of the student government association in the aftermath of the video, which was taken at the private event that took place at Livingston Parish Country Club on September 30.

It was stated that the video, which has since been removed, showed the teenager dancing behind a companion who was “twerking” at the after-hours party, which Timonet’s mother was present at. According to the DJ who was in charge of the party and who also videotaped and uploaded the video, the dancing at the party was completely safe.

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“I didn’t mind the way the children danced at all. DJ Savage made the following statement: “I have seen much worse.” “They were just being kids and having a good time.”

Timonet was called into the school’s main office on Tuesday morning and reduced to tears as principal Jason St. Pierre made her watch the video, reportedly to the disturbed teen who spoke to Unfiltered. “They basically told me that I should be ashamed of myself and that they were concerned about my afterlife if I wasn’t following basically God’s ideals, which made me cry even more,” she added.

“They were basically concerned about my afterlife if I wasn’t following basically God’s ideals.” “It seemed as though my life had come to an end.”

Kaylee Timonet loses Scholarship After Twerking Video 2

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After allegedly embarrassing her at the meeting, St. Pierre allegedly told the outstanding student that he was withdrawing her application for the scholarship, which is awarded to just two students each academic year.
“The only thing I was doing was having some harmless fun. “I was ashamed of myself,” stated Timonet.

Her mother, Rachel Timonet, had a separate meeting with the principal on Wednesday. She was upset that she wasn’t involved in the first meeting that was held with her daughter.

The mother voiced her disapproval of the “unfair” discipline that was meted out to her teenage daughter. They also featured other members of the dance team dancing in that video, but nothing untoward happened to those individuals. He said that the reason she was disciplined was because she is the “crown jewel” of the institution.

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Rachel Timonet criticised St. Pierre for allegedly asking her daughter about her religious beliefs, and she pointed the finger upon St. Pierre.

“This is not a private school; rather, it is a public institution. The outraged parent expressed their opinion to Unfiltered that “he has no right to discuss any kind of religion with my child.”

The community of the school has come together in support of Kaylee Timonet, selling T-shirts with phrases such as “Let the Girl Dance” and “I stand with Kaylee Timonet,” which have also been shared widely on social media in an act of solidarity.

Timonet claims that the outpouring of support from the community has been a significant factor in assisting her in getting past the embarrassing episode.

The video was in no way inappropriate. “I was just so afraid that people were going to hate me after that, so the fact that they still supported me and acknowledged my accomplishments means the world to me,” she said.

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