Nick Teo Hong Ling Marriage Wedding December Date

Nick Teo Hong Ling Marriage Wedding December Date

Actors Nick Teo and Hong Ling, who became engaged a year ago, have just revealed that they are getting married on December 15 at an unnamed hotel.

The venue is quite stunning, but for the time being, we’d prefer to keep it a secret, added Nick. Exactly what Hong Ling desired. We only visited a few venues to check them out, and we made up our minds then and then that would be it.

The pair hasn’t decided on pretty much anything else yet, except from the wedding location, Nick’s bridal gown, and Jeff Goh of YES 933 as the event host.

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Photo: Nick Teo and Hong Ling

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“It’s just a convenient date,” Nick added, adding that the couple and their guests just so happened to be available on that particular day.

Speaking of which, although there will be “over 200 guests” for the wedding, just a small number of them will be friends and family.

“Our coworkers will be seated at the majority of the tables. People in this business have been really helpful to us, so we want them to be present as well, added Nick.

However, the pair will only divulge that the wedding will be held in a hotel.

Many of our visitors work in Hollywood, so we are worried that there may be a swarm outside the venue, added Nick.

We don’t want our coworkers to be on edge because we’ve heard tales of someone just walking in and sitting next to them at dinner, he continued. We were unaware that such things occurred. To ensure our guests’ safety, we’ve chosen to [keep the venue hidden].Earlier this year, the pair had pre-wedding photos shot in Jeju.

The cost of several items “shocked” the newlyweds, despite the fact that they are unsure exactly how much they spent on their wedding.

“We received the quote for the wedding styling, and it costs like… wow, a few thousand,” remarked Nick.

“We travelled abroad for our wedding photography, and at first I didn’t expect to spend a lot of money there. The cost of flying our staff there was just too much for us, Hong Ling added.

But if there’s one thing on which Hong Ling is adamant, it’s that she wants her evening to go as well as possible.

Then, Nick laughed and remarked, “I seem to be the bride, you know. She doesn’t want to change into a new outfit, but I do. It’s not her first time wearing a wedding gown, so she is aware of how difficult it may be. In her area of work, she is required to wear a variety of clothing.

Despite their worry, the pair has been planning a wonderful evening for both themselves and their guests.

The short answer to the question of whether the soon-to-be married couple will have children in the near future is no.

We probably won’t have children anytime soon, I believe. We believe it to be a significant commitment, and we are not prepared for it. I was previously aware of Hong Ling’s desire for a large family, so her change of heart was significant. She stated she doesn’t want to have children yet because she’s worried we won’t have time for them after I proposed.

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