Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown marriage photos Grand Canyon

Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown marriage photos Grand Canyon

Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown marriage photos 2

Credit: Sarah Herron/Instagram

The Bachelor alum announced in an Instagram post on Saturday that the couple, who got engaged in 2021, wed on August 27 at the Grand Canyon in a small ceremony.

Herron, 36, posted a collection of adorable pictures from their wedding, one of which appeared to show the couple kissing after exchanging vows.

“Always knew it was you @dylan.h.brown Love you beyond words! Grateful to our friends who joined us in the Grand Canyon for this special occasion and then got me out alive!. Stay tuned for an after party as soon as life makes room for it! We tied the knot on 8.27.23 at mile 75 of the Colorado River, standing on hot granite wearing a wrinkly wedding dress and it was… perfection” sarah mentioned in the caption.

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Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown marriage photos 3
Credit: Sarah Herron/Instagram

The bride then said that the couple was married near the Colorado River. The bride was wearing a gorgeous bun and a simple veil with a simple white empire-line dress with ruffle neckline accent.

We were married on 27 August ,2023 near mile 75 of the Colorado River, standing on hot stone in a wrinkled wedding dress, and everything about it was wonderful, she wrote.

The bride and groom, who wore white shirts and beige shorts, didn’t wear shoes for the wedding.

Other images from the carousel included a “Just Married” sign on a boat on the river, the pair beaming while Brown read aloud from a book during the ceremony, pictures of the newlyweds, and a cute image of their wedding bands.

On his personal Instagram account, Brown made a hint about the couple’s upcoming wedding last month.

I find it hard to believe this is happening! He added a caption to a photo posted at the Grand Canyon National Park that looked to show Herron seated on a rock viewing the famed canyon from behind: “We’re all packed up and heading back to the big ditch.

But this time, Brown added, “we’ll be bobbing down the bottom, feeling the vast scale and grandeur of one of the most stunning geological wonders of the planet! On the other side, I’ll see you.

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After four years of dating, Herron revealed to her Instagram followers in May 2021 that she and Brown were now engaged.

“We are so excited to announce our engagement! Dylan proposed to Rio in front of Mount Sopris [in Colorado] at our favorite location with our closest friends,” Herron wrote in the caption of her post at the time.

“To everyone who believes that life must proceed in a certain manner or by a certain date… DOES NOT. I’d wait a lifetime again to find this person, she added, “through the heartbreaks, years of self-work, and numerous rose ceremonies.

Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown marriage photos 1Credit: Sarah Herron/Instagram

“We made the decision to do the dang thing because we make each other better, we have so much fun together, and we’re going to become parents together.

A number of images from the romantic engagement occasion were attached to the sweet letter.

The first time Herron and Brown met was in 2017, and since then, they have been open about their fertility struggle, IVF treatment, and terrible loss of their son Oliver, who was delivered earlier this year at 24 weeks.

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