Stray kitten looks for shelter right before heavy rain, and now it wants to be cuddled all the time.

Stray kitten looks for shelter right before heavy rain, and now it wants to be cuddled all the time.


An orange and black kitten named Nico set out on a very special trip through the busy neighbourhoods of Brooklyn. Nico stood out from the other cats she was with as she ran from one garden to the next. A kind family saw her wandering around and chose to feed her. This was a big turning point in her life.

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Nico decided to stay close to this family, which was different from other cats because it showed a unique mix of fear and a desire for affection. The strange behaviour caught the eye of Gissell from Paws of Hope NYC, a well-known animal protection group. Gissell’s quick action was very important, especially since bad weather was coming.


Nico quickly got a health check because Gissell was vigilant. Nico was healthy even though he had been treated for fleas. She was, however, clearly scared, but that quickly changed when she found comfort in the caring medical staff’s arms. Nico clearly loved being held and loved like a baby. She enjoyed all the attention and love she got.

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Danette Oberg, who volunteers hard at Paws of Hope NYC, found out that Nico needed a foster home. From the start, she stepped in and welcomed Nico into her life. Paws of Hope NYC relies on a network of foster homes, which shows how important community support is for saving animals.


Nico was tired and shy at first, but he got used to Danette’s touch over time. Nico was “shook and scared but very sweet,” according to Danette. She even gave Nico a spa treatment, which made their relationship stronger. During a very heavy rainstorm that caused major flooding in New York City, Nico stayed inside with her warm blanket to feel safe and comfortable.


Over the next few days, Nico changed in a very noticeable way. Nico started to enjoy the nice things about her new life after going from being a shy stray to a loving, happy friend. As she slowly let down her guard, she became more sure of herself and even started to play with new toys.


Nico’s loving nuzzles and the unbelievably soft fur of Nico are cherished memories for Danette. This moving story shows how rescuing and foster care can help animals in need, giving strays like Nico hope. Nico’s life will never be the same because Paws of Hope NYC stepped in at the right time and found him a warm foster home. The safety and love she deserves are now hers, a far cry from the dangers of living on the streets.


Nico’s journey, which is full of love, care, and change, is more than just the story of a kitten who is saved. It shows how much kindness and care can make a difference in the lives of animals that need help. People are still moved by Nico’s story, which reminds us of how much good deeds can change the world.


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