The Attractive Cat: Winning Over Little Hearts with Eyes That Look Like the Ocean

The Attractive Cat: Winning Over Little Hearts with Eyes That Look Like the Ocean

Coby is like a charming prince among cats—charismatic, serene, and sporting stunning blue eyes and a lovely white coat.

Domestic cats are typically kept as house pets to hunt mice, but with a cute pet like Coby, no one would dare to tell it what to do. Coby has become the object of desire for local female cats and innumerable internet users all across the globe due to its adorable appearance, particularly its talking eyes.

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The big, clear eyes that resemble the deep blue ocean and the snow-white fur that he sports are two of the most endearing features of the Coby.


This defiantly handsome young man is known to be a member of the British Shorthair cat breed.


Coby is calm and friendly, just like the other 500 members of its species.



Since Coby really wants his favourite tuna meal, he will behave like a good dog all day long.


Besides that, it really likes playing with the rubber duck in the bathroom.


There are already a lot of fans from all over the world for Coby, even though he has only been in the virtual world for eight months.


At this point, the young boy has an amazing 280,000 fans on Instagram and an amazing 3,000 likes on Facebook.


But people on the internet still don’t know who Coby is. There is no information about who owns it or where it life right now.


Maybe having a little secret about yourself would make you look even better if you’re already good-looking, right?

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