The cat began as a stray and became the ship’s mouser!

The cat began as a stray and became the ship’s mouser!

To get rid of rodents on the CSS Acadia in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Erik the Red worked for more than 15 years. Erik was found as a skinny stray in 1999 by Stephen Read, a shipkeeper at Acadia. He was named after a famous Viking.


The cat went back to the ship with Read. “I was walking with a friend through the streets of Halifax one night, and this cat started following us from street to street.”

Read laughed because he thought this little ginger cat must have known about Clare, the former Acadia mouser who wasn’t too happy with her job.

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Read said, “He really had to hit the ground running when he came on board… but he more than proved his mettle.”

“Erik would watch over the whole waterfront, from Pier 21 to Purdy’s Wharf.”


“I like working with him and consider him a friend.” He’s been the best rat control officer I’ve seen since 1981, and I’ve known three of the four who have been on this ship. He did the best job and was the most reliable.


They’ve been on the ship together for more than 15 years. The cat brings Erik “gifts” sometimes, usually by putting them in the bottom of his shoe. “I knew it was a symbolic gift, and after the initial shock, I was thankful for it,” Read said.





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