YouTube Suspends Russell Brand Amidst Sex Assault Allegations

YouTube Suspends Russell Brand Amidst Sex Assault Allegations

After many women accused the comedian-turned-influencer of sexual assault, YouTube said on Tuesday that Russell Brand will no longer be paid through the video streaming service.

The BBC pulled some of Brand’s content from its streaming library, joining a growing number of institutions that have distanced themselves from the singer who rejects any allegations of sexual assault and is not currently facing any legal charges. The 6.6 million-subscriber Brand’s account’s monetization has been terminated, according to YouTube, “following serious allegations against the creator.”

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The Google-owned video site stated, “This decision applies to all channels that may be owned or operated by Russell Brand.” Due to the suspension, Brand will no longer be able to profit from the YouTube videos’ linked and related advertisements. These videos include those with the titles “What reallyStarted the Hawaii Fires?” and “Covid Tsar Admits Lockdowns Were NEVER About Science.”

Russell Brand Faces YouTube Suspension Over Assault Claims

Football Is Nice, which has over 20,000 followers, Awakening With Russell, which has 426,000 subscribers, and Stay Free With Russell Brand, which has 22,200 subscribers, are additional channels connected to Brand’s primary YouTube profile. Brand continues to be active on Rumble, a video platform that certain conservatives and far-right organizations find appealing.

His channel there has 1.4 million subscribers. Additionally, he has 3.8 million Instagram followers and 11.2 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The 48-year-old Brand disputes the sexual assault charges made by four women in a Channel 4 programme and in the newspapers The Times and Sunday Times. One of the accusers, who has not been identified, says she was 16 when she dated him and experienced sexual abuse. Another lady claims that Brand violated her in 2012 in Los Angeles. The four accusations range in time from 2006 to 2013. The Metropolitan Police in London reported that it had received information on a different sexual assault from 2003 since those allegations became public.

Brand, who is known for his wild and suggestive stand-up acts, was a big sensation in the UK in the early 2000s. He acted in several Hollywood films, hosted radio and television programmes, published books about his struggles with drugs and alcohol, and was briefly married to pop singer Katy Perry between 2010 and 2012.

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In recent years Brand has virtually disappeared from mainstream media but has built herself a significant following online with videos mixing health with conspiracy theories.

His YouTube channel has published COVID-19 conspiracy theories, false information about vaccines, and conversations with tense media figures like Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

He has also kept up his comedy tour; on Saturday, he entertained hundreds of people in a London venue. He was scheduled to appear on Tuesday in Windsor, which is west of London, but the rest of the trip has been postponed, according to the organizers.

The BBC stated that after judging that it “now falls below public expectations,” it had removed some Brand-related content from its iPlayer and Sounds apps. Since the allegations were made public, Brand’s talent agency and a publisher have both abandoned him.

It’s too early to say whether the allegations will put an end to Brand’s comedic career, according to Ellie Tomsett, senior lecturer in media and communications at Birmingham City University.

“I think there’s definitely a market for ‘outsider’ comedians or people who want to position themselves as some kind of way or alternative to current understandings of gender equality,” she maintained. And so, will it affect his career in the way that we may anticipate it to in the long run? Perhaps not.

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