21 Aug West Edmonton Mall Shooting Active Shooter, 3 People Injured

West Edmonton Mall Shooting Active Shooter

Key Details:

  • Location: The incident occurred on the west side of the mall in phase 3.
  • Vehicles Involved: A sedan belonging to the victims and a white SUV linked to another group were central to the incident.
  • Injury Count: Three individuals sustained injuries and are currently undergoing medical treatment.
  • Motive: The motive behind the shooting remains under investigation, with potential connections to other cases yet to be confirmed

Edmonton, Canada – Three people injured in the shooting outside West Edmonton Mall and receiving treatment in the hospital. Victims faced serious injuries but they are not life threatening.

Police searching for the suspects, Police received the report around 7.40 pm and rushed towards the scene.

Edmonton Mall had been locked down by the police for few hours after the shooting while police searched the whole mall.

During the shooting, employees and the people who came for the shopping took refuge in the restaurants and back of the stores.

Police also mentioned that this can be the work of two different groups, there is still no information regarding the groups.

Four people went into the shopping mall after parking their sedan in the west side parking lot of the shopping mall.

Suspects in SUV was already waiting for them in the parking lot, when victims came back in the parking lot after 40 mins, firing between the both groups started.

All four of them scattered, two of them collapsed into the sidewalk and remaining ran into the mall.

Police still looking for the suspects who came in white SUV, police have already located a white SUV but it is not confirmed that it is the same vehicle which was used by the suspects.

Police also found a gun inside the mall and it possibly belongs to the one of the victims.

Investigators still don’t know the reason behind the shooting or whether this shooting is linked to any other case.

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Edmonton Mall Lockdown and Panic Moments

People who came for shopping stayed inside the stores and restaurants. Alarms rang inside the mall, telling people to take shelter inside the stores and restaurants and lock their doors from inside.

People stayed inside until the lockdown was lifted, lockdown lifted around 10 pm.

All the shooting took place in the west side of the shopping mall in phase 3, phase 3 won’t be accessible for the people because police still investigating.

Mall consists of more than  800 stores, around 100 restaurants, mall even have an amusement park, a shooting range and many other things, that’s why it is one of the major tourist attraction and one of the largest in North America.

For the safety of the people, they organize lockdown drill four times in a year.

Nobody lost their lives in the shooting, all the employees and shopper are safe. Police still gathering statements from the victims that are receiving medical treatment in hospital.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How many people were injured in the Edmonton mall shooting?
A1. Three people injured in the shooting outside West Edmonton Mall and receiving treatment in the hospital.

Q2. What vehicles were involved in the incident?
A2. A sedan of victims and a white SUV which belongs to the other group were involved in the incident.

Q3. Where did the incident took place?
A3. Incident took place  in the west side of the shopping mall in phase 3.

Q4. When was lockdown lifted from Edmonton mall?
A4. Lockdown lifted around 10pm, People stayed inside the mall until the lockdown was lifted.

Source: cbc.ca

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