Australian Army Helicopter Crash Queensland 4 Army Members Missing

A 4 person army crew missing after the chopper crash at Hamilton Island

Australian Army Helicopter Crash Queensland – The problems kept on increasing. Just yesterday an accident happened in Australia. Where 4 army men have gone incognito. It happened in the accident that The helicopter had crashed.

And after the crash, now 4 army men are not being found. This report is being told from the Queensland, Australia area. The chopper has crashed in an ocean, that too on the side of North Queensland.

Australia Defense Minister says that . An MRH90 helicopter, also known as Taipan, during helicopter training last night. It crashed during a training mission. There were about 4 army men in it. This crash happened at 10:30 in the night on Friday.

Richard Marles and Anthony Albanese have said in their statement “That Wherever they may be they should be safe”. On the basis of the statement, there is no trace of the 4 army men. This is very sad.

Investigation into the Crash

The Defense Department of Australia has said that according to them this helicopter crash happened in Lindemann Island, South of Hamilton Island in Ocean. Currently, the cause of the crash is not yet to be known.

The aircraft was participating in a training activity last night. This training was to a part in the exercise talisman sabre 2023. But at the same time it came to know that the chopper in which the training was being done has crashed and is missing. Defense says that the search for 4 army men is going on in full swing.

Rescue & Search Operation

Military, rescue search and watercraft, aircraft are currently searching for them. It has become an operation of theirs since yesterday. Thousands of army men are searching thoroughly under the feet where this incident took place.

According to Australian News. It is heard that before the accident, the helicopter had got the army men to land in the 2nd Commando Regiment. But till now they do not know where they are and in what condition they are.

Angus Campbell who is the Chief of Australian Defense. He is very disappointed and sad to hear this incident. They are calling this incident a terrible one.

All Queensland police agencies and the Australian Safety Maritime Agency with the public. Everyone has started searching. I want to thank all of them that they are also helping us very well in this operation. The Chief said that right now our entire focus is on finding our army men. We will fully support their family and army group as well.

Mr. Marles has recently said that this thing has been told to the families of the army men who are missing.

As of now, the US allies with the Australian army are searching for every bit of evidence in the Hamilton island. So, that they can find the army men who have been missing from yesterday night.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How many crew members has been missing from Friday after the Australian Helicopter crash?
    Ans. There are total of 4 army members that have been missing.
  • Where the Army Chopper was crashed?
    Ans. It was crashed in the Hamilton island, Queensland


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