Bangkok Siam Paragon Shooting Today, 14 year old Gunman Arrested & 3 killed

Bangkok Siam Paragon Shooting Today, 14 year old Gunman Arrested & 3 killed

Bangkok Siam Paragon Shooting

Bangkok, Thailand – The Siam Paragon shopping centre in Bangkok was the location of a shooting on Tuesday (October 3), which resulted in the deaths of at least three people and the injuries of several others. Thai emergency services said that a foreign national was among those who sustained injuries. The juvenile suspect, who is only 14 years old, has been taken into arrest by the police.

“The perpetrator of the incident was apprehended. In point of fact, he capitulated… The scene is currently being cleared by the police. Srettha Thavisin, the Prime Minister of Thailand, informed reporters that the situation is improving.

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The footage from the CCTV cameras inside the business was uploaded to social media, and it shows the person believed to be responsible for the shooting kneeling on the ground and giving up. The glass panel was shattered by the police officers before they moved in to detain the suspect.

Images from the arrest show the officer forcing the teenager to the ground and then handcuffing the suspect, who was dressed in a black shirt and a cap at the time of the incident. Officers returned to the location at a later time and found a firearm there.

Bangkok Siam Paragon Shooting 5

Earlier, it was reported that a large number of people were seen running out from Siam Paragon, which is one of the most popular retail areas in the Thai capital and is frequented equally by visitors and locals.
The shopping centre was placed in secure mode.

During what is often the most crowded part of the evening, live video from the area revealed what appeared to be an empty shopping centre and its surrounds free of crowds. There was a sound like sirens coming from emergency cars.

Bangkok Siam Paragon Shooting 3

The incident was initially reported by witnesses on social media, where users also shared videos showing throngs fleeing the shopping centre. There have been multiple reports of people hearing gunshots.

A video that was published on X by the user @janejanejuta showed customers and employees of the shopping centre taking cover by ducking down and hiding in what seemed to be a food court. One of the individuals can be heard asking the others to take a seat.

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Indra Suharjono, a media consultant, was working in the shopping centre when she and her coworkers were instructed to take shelter at approximately 5 o’clock local time.

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They were getting ready for a meet-and-greet with celebrities that was going to take place on Tuesday night with the fans. A little over three hundred of her followers were herded into an auditorium, and the doors were shut and locked behind them.

“At this time, the mood is really solemn, and no one is speaking to one another. They are perusing all of the news that is available online… When everyone advised me to locate a place to remain and not to move, my anxiety level skyrocketed,” she explained.

According to what she shared, people surrounding her received information from friends outside the mall. At approximately 5:45 in the afternoon, the authorities began evacuating fans from the arena, and they were instructed to exit the structure.

People were seen being directed away from the Siam Paragon exit, which is connected to the platform by law enforcement officers. In addition, a large number of people were gathered outside the station waiting to be let inside; nonetheless, some people were able to sneak inside.

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After waiting for nearly an hour, services were eventually restarted.

A commuter who works in Central World told CNA on Tuesday evening that he was “very shocked” when Bangkok heard the news because he was at the Siam BTS station. “I was working in Central World,” the commuter said.

“The public should be better informed of incidents like these rather than having to search for updates on X…,” the statement read. Ms. Punyika Changthom, who is 22 years old, believes that there would be an increase in overall safety if there was, for example, an SMS alert system.

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Source: CNA

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