Chicago Driveby Shooting Today, CCL holder fires at Gunman Who shot CTA Employee

Chicago Driveby Shooting Today, CCL holder fires at Gunman Who shot CTA Employee

On Tuesday afternoon on the city’s Southwest Side, a gunman shot a CTA bus supervisor. A person with a concealed carry permit returned fire, according to authorities.

A report from Chicago police, the drive-by shooting occurred in the Archer Heights neighborhood at around 2:00 pm. Police squad vehicles surrounded a CTA bus under an overpass near West 47th Street and South Archer Avenue as Chopper 7 flew above the area.

Lorenzo Hernandez, who was caught in the crossfire while driving to work in his SUV, spoke with ABC7. He is grateful that a bullet from the shooting, which was still inside his SUV, missed him and the neighboring tow truck driver.

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Hernandez, who communicated with ABC7 in Spanish through a translator, claimed to have witnessed the collision between the CTA bus and at least four other automobiles as he was sitting at 47th and Archer.

As I was waiting at the signal, I observed the bus crash, Hernandez expressed.

More than a dozen individuals exited the bus following the collision, according to Hernandez, and hit cars when someone in a white Dodge Durango opened fire at them.

Miraculous SUV shielded innocent lives during the shootout

According to police, a gunshot struck the 55-year-old CTA bus supervisor as he responded to the collision.

One bullet struck Hernandez’s SUV while he was seated in the driver’s seat, but missed him. The bullet couldn’t pass through the engine.

The gunshot appeared to be heading in my direction, but Hernandez said that the automobile stopped it.

A tow truck driver who was assisting in moving the cars was nearby Hernandez’s SUV at the moment of his fall.

Hernandez initially believed the tow truck driver had been struck, but after seeing him get to his feet and sprint around the front of his SUV, he fired two shots at the assailant. This tow truck driver informed ABC7 that he saw the shooter take aim at him before he fired his own rifle, but he didn’t want to be recorded saying it.

You never know what may happen at any time, according to Hernandez, who expressed gratitude for his life.

“The shooting happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to react,” Hernandez claimed. “In Chicago, you never know if you’ll make it home after work. This occurs all throughout. I praise God that I escaped injury.

Hernandez claimed that the tow truck driver approached him to express gratitude at the conclusion of the tumultuous situation.

“I was thanked by the tow truck driver. He claimed that if it weren’t for my SUV, he would have died,” Hernandez stated.

The tow truck driver was asked to remain at the scene to assist with the investigation while police were speaking with him. The CPD has also confirmed that a witness who has a licence for concealed carry fired back at the gunmen.

According to the police, the CTA employee who had been hit in the thigh was sent to Mount Sinai Hospital, where his condition was stabilised. The CTA’s bus supervisor was not the shooter’s intended target, according to a spokeswoman.

Numerous local roads have been closed as a result of the investigation.

Area 1 detectives are conducting an investigation, and no one is in custody. Additional information concerning the shooting was withheld by officials for a short while.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Where did the drive-by shooting occur?
A1. The drive-by shooting occurred in the Archer Heights neighborhood in Chicago.

Q2. What time did the shooting take place?
A3. The shooting happened at approximately 2:00 pm.

Q3. Were there any casualties in the incident?
A3. Yes, the 55-year-old CTA bus supervisor was hit in the thigh, and he was sent to Mount Sinai Hospital where his condition was stabilized.

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Source: ABC7

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