Chilliwack Plane Crash Today bc, 3 People Dead

Chilliwack Plane Crash Today bc, 3 People Dead

Key points:

  • A plane crashed near a motel in Chilliwack, BC, resulting in the deaths of all three occupants.
  • The crash occurred near Chilliwack Motor Inn, just south of the Chilliwack Municipal Airport.
  • Morris had to shout for someone to call 911 as she didn’t have her cellphone with her.
  • Large blackberry bushes in the area posed challenges for first responders trying to reach the crash site.
  • Despite the crash, there were no evacuations required, no apparent structural damage, and no reported injuries at the hotel.
  • The Piper Seneca plane, owned by SkyQuest Aviation, sustained significant damage in the crash.

The RCMP has confirmed that all three occupants of a small plane that crashed in Chilliwack on Friday just a few metres from a motel were killed.

On a forklift at around 2:15 on Friday, Haylie Morris, a local worker, claims she saw the plane fly directly in front of her.

Morris claims that as soon as she saw the plane, she knew it was flying too low and started running as she witnessed it crash next to the Chilliwack Motor Inn, just south of the Chilliwack Municipal Airport, through woods.

“I jumped off the forklift and started running. I saw it go into the forest across the street, crash through the trees, and then the trees blocked me from seeing it hit the hotel. But when I ran over, I saw that it had hit the side of the hotel, or at least just in front of it.”

Morris claimed she started shouting for someone to call 911 before running towards the collision because she didn’t have her cellphone with her.

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Challenges faced by first responders due to blackberry bushes

We were unable to pass through a very thick layer of blackberries, Morris remarked. “I was running in that direction, but the trees are just filled with blackberries.”

She was shaken, according to Morris. I don’t believe I’ve recently run that quickly or experienced such rapid heartbeat.

Sgt. Krista Vrolyk, a public relations officer with the Chilliwack RCMP, noted that the large blackberry bushes made it difficult for first responders to reach the jet.

To get to the jet, they “had to push down the brambles with mattresses and boxsprings,” according to Vrolyk.

No evacuations were required, there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the structure, and there haven’t been any reported injuries at the hotel, according to Vrolyk.

The hotel has been owned by Lynn Gordon’s family for 50 years. According to Lynn, the jet fell nose first “probably 10 to 15 feet” behind the structure.

Gordon remarked, “It’s a marvel it didn’t hit the building.

“Like a whale, its tail is sticking up in the air. The front portion is somewhat compressed. It has an L-shape. It’s a tiny aeroplane.

Gordon claimed that although though she wasn’t at the motel when the collision occurred, she had spoken to the staff members who were.

“They never heard anything,” she claimed. There was a small amount of noise. They wouldn’t have seen anything because it is in the back (of the motel). Strangely, there was no fire.

The motel, according to Gordon, is close enough to the airport so that guests can view the annual Flight Fest from the patio while also hearing planes flying overhead.

Recently, she claimed, “we’ve noticed that the planes and helicopters were flying lower than in the previous years.”

The Piper Seneca, which seemed to have significant damage, is a Piper Seneca owned by Langley-based SkyQuest Aviation, a flight school, according to the registration number on the tail of the aircraft. It was constructed in 1972.

The B.C. Coroners Service and the Transportation Safety Board are conducting an investigation.

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Source: Vancouver Sun

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