Danillo Glenn Stabbing Calgary Copperfield, 2 Arrested

Danillo Glenn Stabbing Calgary Copperfield, 2 Arrested

Danillo Glenn Stabbing Calgary Copperfield 2Photo: ctvnews

Police reported on Saturday afternoon that they had detained two individuals in connection with the deadly stabbing of 18 year old Danillo Canales Glenn.

Canales Glenn was playing basketball with buddies on Tuesday night when he came under attack from a pepper spray attack and many stabbings.

Two suspects were the subject of numerous suggestions from the general public, who characterized them as being between the ages of 16 and 18, around 5’8″ tall, and skinny.

The accused are currently in police custody, according to the police, and charges are pending. No other details were disclosed.

Tuesday night, Glenn was attacked at the Copperfield sports complex, and he later passed away in the hospital.

He was attacked with pepper spray and stabbed multiple times when he was playing basketball with pals.

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A Bright Soul, Gone Too Soon

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Photo: ctvnews

Friends had left messages on the boards and placed flowers on the fence for Friday.

Candles were lit as a moment of silence was observed.

The teenager’s legal guardian gave a press conference early on Saturday morning, before the arrest.

The statement was made following a second vigil honouring Canales Glenn that was held at the basketball court where the 18-year-old was fatally attacked on Friday night.

Danillo’s aunt Katty Canales claimed responsibility for raising him since he was nine years old and that he resided with them till his passing.

“Our family would like to convey our profound gratitude for the outpouring of love, support, and condolences we have received from the community, family, and friends. We are aware that we are not alone and that many of you are also grieving, she wrote.

“Your words, deeds, and love for Danillo have not only humbled us, but have also given us comfort in our darkest moments.

“It’s lovely to see how many people’s hearts Danillo touched while he was living. We are eternally indebted to Danillo’s friends for loving him and ensuring that he will always be remembered for his radiant smile and contagious laugh, not for being victim #13.

“He’s our angel now, keeping watch over us and shouting his favorite phrase, ‘I got you.

“Danillo was certainly an amazing youngster with a heart of gold who was snatched from us too soon. He had just received his diploma and was pursuing trade training. Danillo has a lot of ideas for the future. He got his first job and was eager to get his first automobile and take a trip to celebrate his success.

“Danillo enjoyed being outside, whether it be for fishing, camping, garden work or assisting friends with outdoor tasks. He admired his tiny cousin, who to him was like a younger sister.

“Our family is devastated because he was denied the chance to realise his aspirations, and our hearts are heavy thinking about all the experiences he will never have.

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“You don’t deserve anyone’s forgiveness, and none of us will ever grant it to you. This was never fair to Danillo. “He never had any issues with anyone,” Nevaeh Clark said.

“You took the kindest soul from us and killed him in the harshest way,” . “He made sure everybody in his life was taken care of.”

He won the hearts of so many people. He influenced countless others. And as for myself, I doubt I would still be here if it weren’t for him,” Flynn remarked.

He has helped me escape challenging situations from which I had given up hope.

Source: ctvnews

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