Gareth Roper Hit and Run Case after Police left him barefoot miles from home

Gareth Roper Hit and Run Case after Police left him barefoot miles from home

Jamie Evans, 30, was operating a Volvo when it hit Gareth Roper in Wigan. Roper suffered severe head injuries and eventually passed away.

At Bolton Crown Court earlier this year, Evans, who was driving without a licence, accepted that his reckless driving resulted in the 35-year-old Mr Roper’s death.

He was kept in detention and will get a punishment on Tuesday.

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Officers were called to Mr. Roper’s house early on New Year’s Day 2022 after his wife reported that he was “acting somewhat strangely,” according to testimony given in court.

During the disturbance, his kids were awakened, and Mr. Roper was hauled away to “prevent any further difficulties.”

The prosecutor, Sara Haque, claimed that Mr. Roper, a father of six, was released from custody nine minutes after being taken to the Wigan, Greater Manchester, Iceland store.

He was abandoned with no shoes, money, or phone, she claimed.

The cops who left him there are still being looked into, according to the statement.

Mr. Roper was shown on camera strolling through the middle of Lily Lane in Bamfurlong right before the deadly collision just after 04:15 GMT.

He was whistling and applauding, and his sweater was knotted around his waist, according to the attorney.

According to estimates, the automobile was moving at 55 mph in a 30 mph zone. Later that day, Evans got into his car and turned himself in to the police.

Family seeks justice for the father of six.

Nobody anticipates that the police will knock on their door and inform them that their husband was killed in a hit-and-run, according to Mr. Roper’s widow Rachel, who read a victim statement to the court.

“I was told that he was dead even though he had only been taken away 45 minutes ago.

I’m saying, “I miss Gareth so much.”

She claimed that she wished to confront the driver and inform him that he had “ruined a happy family with a hardworking dad.”

“He removed everything. He has not expressed regret. He simply doesn’t care, she continued.

Evans had uploaded pictures of himself having a good time on Facebook, and in one post, he boasted that he would soon be going “on vacation” to Forest Bank prison, the court heard from the family.

Mr. Clarke was informed that there was proof Evans had consumed lager and spirits prior to the collision.

After being arrested in January 2022, he was released on bail; however, the court was informed that he later got behind the wheel again and fled in a van from a following police car.

Evans, who has no known address, was subsequently sentenced to 26 weeks in prison for that charge after being found guilty of dangerous driving, driving while ineligible for a licence and failing to submit a breath sample.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Who is Gareth Roper, and what happened to him?
A1. Gareth Roper was a 35-year-old individual who tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run incident in Wigan, where he suffered severe head injuries and eventually passed away.

Q2. What legal actions were taken against the driver involved in the hit-and-run?
A2. The driver, Jamie Evans, who was operating a Volvo without a license during the incident, accepted responsibility for reckless driving leading to Gareth Roper’s death. He was detained and was awaiting punishment at Bolton Crown Court.

Q4. What happened to Gareth Roper after he was released by the police?
A4. After being released, Gareth Roper was abandoned without shoes, money, or a phone near the Wigan, Greater Manchester, Iceland store. This ultimately led to the unfortunate hit-and-run incident.

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