Josh Krugar Reporter Shot Dead By Teen Robert Davis, He was Shot Seven times

Josh Krugar Reporter Shot Dead

Philadelphia Reporter Josh Kruger sought to “help him get through life” before his suspected killer shot him.

The Philadelphia journalist shot dead in his home this week was an familiar of his alleged killer and was “trying to help him get through life,” police said Friday. Philadelphia police identified 19-year-old Robert Davis as the murderer of freelance writer Josh Kruger in Point Breeze.

In the early hours of Monday, Davis allegedly shot Kruger seven times in the chest and abdomen as he stood at the base of his steps of his home. The youngster escaped.

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Kruger, 39, left home to get aid and collapsed on the street. He was taken to a hospital but died within an hour.

“At this time we believe Mr. Kruger was trying to help Mr. Davis, and they were acquaintances,” stated Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Hamilton Marshmond. “He was just helping him get through life.”

Robert Davis Shot Josh Kruger

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Davis has an arrest warrant for “murder and related offenses.” Davis is armed and deadly. “We are also asking Mr. Davis to surrender himself to the police,” Marshmond said.

Police said surveillance video shows Davis near Kruger’s residence before the fatal shot, but they didn’t specify. Police did not give a motive for the shooting. Former City Hall staffer Kruger was the Office of Homeless Service communications director from 2016 until 2021.

After his death, the Philadelphia District Attorney recognised Kruger as a “openly queer writer who wrote about his own journey surviving substance use disorder and homelessness.”

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Josh had earned the right to pen the final chapter in his own life’s story. “As is the case with all homicides, we will maintain close communication with the Philadelphia Police Department as they work to identify the person or persons responsible for this crime so that they can be held accountable for their actions in a court of law,” stated Larry Krasner.


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