Lauren Pazienza Jailed for Fatal Shoving Singing Coach Barbara Maier Gustern

Lauren Pazienza Jailed for Fatal Shoving Singing Coach Barbara Maier Gustern

A 28 Year old woman sentenced for 8Ā½ years in prison in death of Barbara Maier GusternĀ 

Lauren Pazienza Jailed for Fatal Shoving Singing Coach

New York – After entering a guilty plea to the charge of manslaughter in August, a former event planner, now 28 years old, was given a sentence of eight and a half years in jail for the unprovoked shoving of an 87-year-old Broadway voice teacher into the street in Manhattan last year. The incident occurred when the voice coach was walking down the sidewalk.

On Friday, the Manhattan state Supreme Court Judge Felicia Mennin added six months to the eight years that were originally agreed upon in Lauren Pazienza’s plea deal. The judge stated that she didn’t believe Pazienza had taken responsibility for her crimes and added that she didn’t believe Pazienza had taken responsibility for her conduct.

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On March 10, 2022, Pazienza shoved Barbara Maier Gustern, causing the lady to fall to the ground and crack her head as a result of the impact. Pazienza then abandoned the bleeding woman on a sidewalk in Chelsea. After spending five days in the hospital, she passed away as a result of a “massive haemorrhage” that occurred on the left side of her brain.

If the defendant hadn’t accepted the plea offer, she might have been sentenced to 25 years in jail if the case had been tried in court and the jury had found her guilty. Pazienza admitted, as part of a settlement to reduce the charges against him, having yelled profanities at Gustern and purposefully shoved her to the ground. It is not apparent what her motivation was.

A earlier statement made by the prosecutors said that the younger lady rushed Gustern while she was walking on a sidewalk in Chelsea, called her a “b—-,” and knocked her down from behind. After a judge decided to revoke her bail in March 2022, she has been detained at the Rikkers Island jail ever since.

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“Lauren Pazienza aggressively shoved Barbara Gustern to the ground and walked away as the beloved New Yorker lay there bleeding,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement after she pled guilty to the charge. “She walked away while the beloved New Yorker lay there bleeding.” The guilty plea that Pazienza entered today holds her responsible for the deaths she caused.

Kimilee Bryant, a performer from South Carolina, referred to her former mentor as her “New York mom,” and she told Fox News Digital that Gustern and her late husband had taken her in when she arrived in the Big Apple years ago for her first stint on Broadway in “The Phantom of the Opera.” Gustern was a vocal coach whose clients have included such celebrities as Blondie singer Debbie Harry, as well as Bryant.

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Source: Foxnews

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