Morgan State University Mass Shooting Baltimore, 5 People Injured

Morgan State University Mass Shooting Baltimore, 5 People Injured

5 People Shot at Morgan State University Campus in Gun Shooting 

Morgan State University Mass Shooting Baltimore

Morgan State University Mass Shooting – The shooting that took place on the campus of Morgan State University in Baltimore on Tuesday evening reportedly left five people injured, according to the university’s administrators.

According to Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley, no one had been taken into custody as of early Wednesday morning in connection with the incident. Worley reported that campus police officers on patrol at 9:25 p.m. heard gunfire and discovered multiple individuals who had been shot. According to him, all five victims, four males and one women ranging in age from 18 to 22, were taken to the hospital with injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

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Reportedly to the chief of campus police, four of the five are currently enrolled in the educational institution. Officials, citing the continuing investigation, did not disclose any information regarding the potential number of shooters or the location of the firing, other than the fact that it took place outside.

Ryan Dorsey, a member of the Baltimore City Council, stated in a post on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, that he had been informed by the police that they thought there to have been at least three gunmen firing into the crowd. Dorsey made this statement in response to a question about whether or not the gathering had been targeted. That amount has not been confirmed by the authorities.

“Those individuals who chose to come onto this school, which is a crown jewel, and inflict this anguish and misery on this community: we are going to get you. At an early morning news conference, the Mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott, made the statement that “We won’t stop.”

According to Worley, the damaged windows caused cops to assume there may have been an active shooter in the building, and the police responded accordingly to the possible threat.

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On campus, a mandatory shelter-in-place order was given out, and individuals were strongly advised to avoid the area around Thurgood Marshall Hall and the Murphy Fine Arts Centre.

Officials reported just before midnight that there was no longer a “active shooting” situation at the location. Early on Wednesday morning, the shelter-in-place order was terminated, and the university announced that campus shuttle service will be resumed.

After SWAT had cleared a building where the police believed the gunman may have been hiding, Worley stated that the decision was made to reopen the campus even though no one had been taken into custody.

“They cleared every single floor twice, and after that we realised that the campus was probably safe,” he said. “After that, we realised that the campus was most likely safe.”

According to University President David Wilson, students had just finished participating in a coronation ceremony and were on their way to a student center when the shooting occurred. The coronation ceremony is one of the events that takes place during homecoming week at the institution.

Wilson was a guest at the coronation ceremony at Morgan State University, during which “Mr. and Ms. Morgan State University” were honored, and he described the occasion as a “beautiful event.”

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He described the shooting as a “very tragic incident” and asserted that it would not come to define the college.

The Morgan State University is not going to be discouraged. “We will proceed in our plans,” he declared.

Wilson has announced that there will be no school on Wednesday.

Source: nbcnews

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