NJ Drunk Woman German Tourist Video NYC Bound Train, Woman Said ‘get the f–k out’ of US

NJ Drunk Woman German Tourist Video NYC Bound Train

Brianna Pinnix The woman who drunk and fight in NYC train is fired from the company.

NJ Drunk Woman German Tourist NYC train

A woman from New Jersey lost her job after a video went viral showing her criticising a group of German tourists on a train headed towards New York City and asking them to “get the f— out of our country.” The footage also showed her telling the visitors to “get the f— out of our country.”

Video credit: TMZ

According to the Daily Mail, which was the first publication to report on the incident, a talent acquisition expert at Capital Rx named Brianna Pinnix, who is 30 years old, approached a group of male tourists as they were riding what looks to be a New Jersey Transit train.

NJ Drunk Woman German Tourist Video NYC 2

Image credit: Reddit/Mahomestyle

Pinnix, whose Facebook site states that she was born in Mahwah and graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2015, has subsequently been fired from Capital Rx, a spokeswoman for the company confirmed to The Post on Wednesday night. Pinnix’s Facebook account also states that she attended Marymount Manhattan College.

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Our business maintains a strict policy of zero tolerance for any behaviour that can be construed as prejudiced or discriminating. They said in a statement that after completing an investigation into the events, they took prompt action and fired the employee in question. “We reviewed the circumstances,” the statement read.

“The actions and words of the former employee are not representative of Capital Rx, and we offer our most sincere apology to those who were hurt by them,” the company said in a statement. Since the embarrassing and xenophobic video of her appeared on Reddit, her other social media accounts, in addition to her LinkedIn profile, have been deleted since the video was made public.

Pinnix, who seems to be under the influence of alcohol, can be heard asking the men in the tape if they are German before demanding angrily, “What did you say, tell me what you said.”

Her boyfriend makes a courteous attempt to remove her from the situation, even going so far as to hold onto her wrists at one point while she leans into the face of one of the men.

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Image credit: Reddit/Mahomestyle

He pleaded with her, “Brie, Brie, please don’t do this, please don’t do this, you are going to get arrested.”

“I can handle my own,” she insisted.

“Brie, please stop this, please. Stop this, or I’m never going to talk to you again,” her boyfriend warned.

“I love you, but get off me,” she told him.

“I can handle everything on my own,” she claimed again.

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“Brie, please put an end to this immediately. Her lover issued a warning to her, “Stop doing this or we will never talk to each other again.”

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Image credit: Reddit/Mahomestyle

She told him, “I love you, but get off me,” and he listened. She requests the visitors several times to repeat what they just stated, but they do not comply with her requests.

At one point, the individual whose face Pinnix kept getting into stands up, mumbles something that cannot be understood, and then sits back down while shaking his head. Pinnix kept getting into his face.

A man who is not visible in the video appears to say, “Women… In the year 2023, we will give women the right to believe that they are men.

The tourists can be seen laughing among themselves, and the man who took the brunt of Pinnix’s ire can be seen turning to speak to someone behind them. The man on the end of the queue is seen chuckling.

The camera then moves on to show additional passengers, including a couple who are sitting behind the group of tourists looking really embarrassed.

Pinnix’s boyfriend is able to help her return to her seat while she mumbles something about “immigrants.”

He justifies his position by saying, “You know I’m an immigrant, I’m an immigrant, too, you know that, right?”

She responds with a guffaw, “Yeah… but seeing as how I’m responsible for you, it’s OK.”

Her partner is seen bending down to speak with her, after which she yells out loud, “Everyone is f–king laughing about it now.”

After that, she can be heard telling her significant other to say something or saying “I’m going to.”

Pinnix is able to hear a man seated behind her shouting, “Hit them with a right hook,” which drives her to leap up and yell, “Thank you!”

“Connect with a right hook to the jaw. Show it to me and I’ll judge it. He encouraged her to “pretend it’s his face” by saying this to her.

The man then utters a “Ohhh” before returning to his seat after receiving a mild blow from Pinnix.

Pinnix’s boyfriend laughs as he tries to hold her back as she makes another attempt to rush over to the tourists and chat with them.

She yells at the individual, “How about you get the f–k out of our country!”

“Try not to!” Her boyfriend is berating her in front of the other passengers, and several of them can be heard yelling “Whoa.”

One of the women responds, “That’s extremely harsh.”

Pinnix’s boyfriend gives a concerned glance at the person operating the camera before reassuring Pinnix that everything will be OK.

“Honey, that’s not cool. It is not acceptable. Pinnix is heard saying, “I love you but…” just before the recording is cut off.

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The request for comment that The Post made to Pinnix was not immediately met with a response from the company.

“She’s drunk out of her mind, and her vile, true character is now on display for everyone to see,” said the doctor. One user on Reddit suggested that the guy should “get rid of her toxic backside as soon as possible.”

There were a lot of people who thought the woman’s boyfriend ought to break up with her.

“That dude needs to find a new girlfriend, one who will bring him peace, because this ain’t it,” the other person said. Someone else suggested that he “probably should record the breakup for his own safety.”

You are aware that I am also an immigrant. ” That is so f*cking depressing. I hope he uses this opportunity to get out of a relationship with this… winner,” another user wrote, before wondering, “How long before the ‘This isn’t who I am’ non-apology video?


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