NYC teacher and baseball coach benched after homophobic rant captured on camera

NYC teacher and baseball coach benched after homophobic rant captured on camera

NYC teacher and baseball coach benched

After officials viewed a video in which the guy appeared to be yelling homophobic slurs, the man was relieved of his responsibilities as a teacher at a high school and as the coach of a baseball team at the school. “He told me, ‘I’m going to r-word you, you f—ing,’ and then he said another f-word that is considered to be highly offensive. Matthew Kevelson, who captured the video and was on the receiving end of the man’s outburst, said, “Let’s just say homophobic slurs were shouted.” Kevelson was on the receiving end of the man’s tirade.

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Juan Ynoa, a youth baseball coach and teacher in the city of New York, was the one who used the homophobic slur and threatened to sexually assault someone. According to what can be seen in the video, as he exits his vehicle, the name of his team is prominently displayed on the jersey he is wearing.

“After he got out of the car, I noticed that he was going towards the back of the car,” Kevelson said. “After he got out of the car.” After that, he got in his car and left, terrified of what would happen next.

“Who knows if this person will take vengeance on me,┬áthis guy had filmed my licence plate and my car. Who knows?” Therefore, publishing it was almost like an insurance policy in case something happened,” he went on to say.

According to Mattykevs, a singer whose real name is Kevelson, the altercation that took place on September 5 began when Ynoa crossed all three lanes of traffic. He said, “So I honked on my horn for the entire length of the 2 Mississippi.”

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In an email to News 4, Ynoa, a teacher at Flushing High School, said, “Now is not a good time.” He said in his letter that he could tell the other side of the tale the next day, but he did not supply any other information.

After the Department of Education became aware of the video, Ynoa was reportedly transferred “away from students,” and the New York Longhorns team issued a statement on its social media account three days ago.

“The staff member in question was terminated from his position with our organisation as soon as we became aware of this incidence. A portion of the post stated, “The actions, words, and emotions expressed by the former member do not align in any way with the Longhorns core values and mission to provide a positive and supportive place for baseball players to develop into young adults both on and off the field.”

This statement was made in response to the fact that the former member’s statements, words, and deeds were in direct contradiction to the mission and values of the organisation.

Kevelson emailed screenshots of Ynoa’s rant to the administration of the team on September 10, but he says he did not receive a response until three days ago. Kevelson has shared these screenshots with the team.

“This individual is in the presence of children. He made the statement, “If he’s a coach, if he’s a teacher in the community, if he’s a leader in the community, he can’t be acting like that in public.”

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