Rainier Beach Safeway Shooting Seattle Incident, 5 People are Injured at Community Event

5 People Injured in Gun shooting in Rainier Beach Safeway  Seattle

Rainier Beach Safeway Shooting Seattle Incident

Seattle, Rainier Beach Safeway – On Friday there was a shooting incident in the Rainier Beach neighborhood in Seattle. The people there are in now fear of what happened. 5 people got hurt in this accident. And the condition of one is very serious. Somewhere it is going on that this incident has happened of shooting. In which firing took place. And there people who have been injured by that. The United States News is saying there was an event in Rainier Beach. And during that event there are dozens of bullet that has been fired.

This is a community event which happens every Friday. In this event, people help each other, like food help, services are given.

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5 People Injured at Community Event

Immediately after the incident, those who were injured were immediately sent to Harborview Medical Center. There was another man whose age was 25 years. He was in a very critical condition. According to the report in the morning, all of them were treated well in the hospital and now everything is out of danger. Everyone’s age was between 25 to 40. Some have been discharged as soon as in the morning and they are now healthy.

Police Chief Adrian Diaz has this to say. They are looking for two people. May be they have done this job. The whole story is not yet known as to why the bullets were fired and by whom. And in which vehicle or where they came from.

Eyewitness Accounts of Seattle Event Shooting

This incident happened before 8 pm. And the name of the place was 9200 block of Rainier Avenue South. The police quickly reached after the incident, along with the Mayor and Chief Diaz. Otherwise, don’t know what would have happened.

Urban Family Group, which is such a group, which is useful in people’s safety, youth program and family support. Their executive director Shantel Patu reached the police and told that we do giveaways every Friday. Like food, clothes and other useful things are given to the people those who need them. They also help the people who are injured at the scene with police.

Diaz commented “when you have victims that were really just trying to do an outreach effort, trying to help people … get people on the right path — and this is what they end up getting hit with”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • When was this shooting incident happened in Seattle?
    Ans. This incident takes place on Friday before 8 p.m.
  • How many people are injured & die in this shooting incident?
    Ans. No one has been died. But 5 people have been shot but they are now doing good.
  • What was the reason behind shooting?
    Ans. As of now, no evidence has been found out as police are investigating into it.
  • Where this Shooting took place in Seattle?
    Ans.  There are many bullets that been fired by the suspect at 9200 block of Rainier Avenue South.
  • What was the age of the people who are injured?
    Ans. The age of people were between 25 to 40.
  • What event was going on when this happened?
    Ans. Every Friday community outreach event is done. Where the group of people help other to give supply of food, clothes and other important things which is necessary.

Source: Seattletimes

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