Rats almost killed a 6-month-old boy in Indiana as he slept in his crib

Rats almost killed a 6-month-old boy in Indiana as he slept in his crib

Evansville, Indiana –  Last week, rats bit a 6-month-old boy in Indiana more than 50 times while he was sleeping in his bed. David and Angel Schonabaum, the boy’s parents, were arrested and charged with child abuse after they woke up last Wednesday and found their baby son covered in blood.

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Delania Thurman, the child’s aunt who lived in the same Evansville house as the child, was also arrested on the same charge.
The child was bitten on his face, cheek, nose, thigh, foot, arm, fingers, and toes, and he lost a lot of blood, according to the arrest papers that the local station got.

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Police said that rats had eaten his right arm from the elbow to the hand. Parts of his fingers had been chewed off so that the bones were visible.

After the baby’s temperature dropped to 93.5 degrees, he was taken to a hospital in Indianapolis, where doctors gave him a blood transfusion.

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Police said that the family’s home on South Linwood Avenue, where the boy’s 3- and 6-year-old brothers and 2- and 5-year-old cousins also lived, was full of clutter, trash, and rat faeces.

Police in Evansville Sgt. Anna Grey said that the scene made her sick to her stomach and was one of the worst cases of child abuse she had seen in her decades-long career.

She added 14News, “It’s really hard to see that, and sometimes it’s really hard to stay calm and professional.”

The man who will become the baby’s father disclosed to the authorities that the family had been having issues with rodents ever since the month of March and that the home was now being treated by Terminix.

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However, this wasn’t the first time the rats in the house had eaten a human infant. They have experience in the matter.

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Image source: Nycpost

Rats almost killed a 6-month-old boy 2

Image source: Nycpost

According to the statement, on September 1 two children living in the residence reported to a teacher at the school where they were enrolled that mice had nibbled on their toes as they slept. A caseworker from the Indiana Department of Child Services visited the residence four days after the initial call. According to the TV station, Thurman told the worker that the marks on her child’s toes were most likely scratches from the bed frame. She was referring to the fact that her child had been sleeping in the bed.

Just one day after the infant was attacked by rats, DCS discussed a safety plan with the family and planned to send a representative back to the house to check on the situation.

Since April, a case manager had been making twice-weekly visits to the residence in response to previous reports concerning the children. These reports included an allegation from the previous year that one of the children had been injured owing to a lack of supervision and an allegation from the previous month that David Schonabaum had physically harmed one of the children.

Regarding the charges of neglect, DCS did not provide a reply.

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