Temple Bar Teenager Assault Dublin, 3 UK Tourist Injured Critically & Hospitalised

The Incidence at Temple Bar and its Victims

Temple Bar Teenager Assault Dublin –  Yesterday, In Dublin Temple Bar there are 3 UK Tourists that have been assaulted heavenly and was wounded. As per the news from various sources coming, that the 3 people under their 20’s are boarded to the hospital after assault.

Update: Temple Bar Assault Teen Court Hearing

As we move on, the reports confirm that there was the teenager who was behind these assault. The tourist were taken to the St James’s Hospital. This assault accident was done on 10:05 pm in the Upper street of Fownes at Temple bar.

After the analysis the doctor says that the patients have some serious injuries but now they are ok.

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Soccer Club Visitors and Disrupted Match

Those 3 People who are assaulted are from the amateur soccer club St John’s Sports from Aylesbury in England. They have came here to play the some pre-season exhibition type match against the team from St Kevin’s FC in Whitehall.

The statement coming from one of the person of St. Kevin FC said that “this is disgusting, as a Dubliner, it’s totally shameful”

Currently the match has been called off due to the accident taken place in Dublin Temple bar.

The team of St. Kevin was inviting the team this afternoon to the ground for the match. But it was very unfortunate that this big incident take place.

The Gardaí are looking for the people or witness who know something about the scene and incident take place yesterday. They alerted that please those who have witness the accident must come forward so that they can find out what happened exactly.

One of spokesperson stated that “That the police has been called upon after 10:05 pm last night. The incident was done on Friday 11th August, 2023 Fownes Street in Dublin.”

“Gardaí inform that there are no such arrest that have been made. Because there are not any other evidence that we can look on”

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Where is this incident take place and at what time?
    Ans. This incident was taken place at the time around 10:00 pm & the place where it happen was in Dublin Temple bar in Upper Fownes Street.
  • What is the age of the Three people who was seriously injured in the Assault incident & where they are from?
    Ans. There are 3 people who is in their 20s they are sent to the hospital for treatment and are now ok. They are from the United Kingdom.
  • Why the UK tourist are here in Dublin?
    Ans. They are here because they have the match against the St. Kevin FC. They are the team members of the amateur soccer club St John’s Sports from Aylesbury.
  • Who was the suspect in this crime scene?
    Ans. As of now the the Gardaí have suspected that there was the teenager who was all behind this & they have arrested him for robbery & assault.
  • In which hospital, the people who are injured are admitted?
    Ans. The three member of the football team who are wounded in assault. Have been taken immediately to the St James’s Hospital for further treatment. Currently the situation of their are stable and good.

Source: irishtimes.com

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