Train Crash SUV Hillsborough County Florida, 6 People Dead 1 Injured

Plant City SUV Crash by Freight Train at Florida

Train Crash SUV Hillsborough County Florida

As reported by a law enforcement official, the SUV was travelling to a nearby quinceanera.

Train Crash SUV Hillsborough County Florida – On Saturday evening in Hillsborough County, Florida, a goods train collided with an SUV that was carrying seven passengers, resulting in six fatalities, according to the law enforcement officers who responded to the scene. According to the officials, those who passed away were a member of a family as well as a friend of the children who belonged to the family. The deceased included three adults and three children.

In the aftermath of the collision, the SUV was described by Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister as looking like a crushed can. He characterized the scene as being horrifying.

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In a statement, he expressed his thoughts as follows: “This tragic loss is enormous, and the members of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and I are praying for peace and comfort for all those who are impacted.”

At approximately 7 o’clock on Saturday evening, police said that Jose G. Hernandez, who was 52 years old, was operating a white Cadillac Escalade in a southbound direction towards a train crossing. According to a statement released by the sheriff’s office on Sunday, “for unknown and undetermined reasons,” the driver slowly crossed the tracks immediately in front of the path of the train. Five people who were sitting in the back of the Escalade were thrown clear of the vehicle as it turned and came to a stop.

Chronister stated, with reference to a video of the accident, that the SUV “flipped violently several times” and eventually came to rest “a distance” from the point of impact at the crossing.

Train Crash SUV Hillsborough County 2

According to the sheriff’s office, Hernandez and a front passenger were rescued using the jaws of life and then transferred to Lakeland Regional Hospital, where they were both classified in critical condition. According to the officials, Hernandez passed away later in the hospital.

According to the authorities, the other five occupants were brutally ejected from the SUV, and all five of them were pronounced dead at the site. The deceased included the driver’s wife, Enedelia Hernandez, who was 50 years old, according to the officials.

According to police authorities, four people died as a result of the incident: three of the couple’s children and a friend of one of the children. According to the official account, their names were Anaelia Hernandez, age 22, Alyssa Hernandez, age 17, Julian Hernandez, age 9, and Jakub A. Lopez, age 17.

The identity of the passenger who was taken to the hospital and their age have not been made public after they were taken there. The wreckage of the vehicle could be found close to where U.S. Route 92 and Jim Lefler Circle join. Chronister stated that it was suspected that the victims were on their way to a quinceaera that was being held at a property just on the other side of the railway crossing.

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According to the statements made by the sheriff’s office, members of the sheriff’s Victim Specialist Unit had been requested to offer assistance to individuals who were close to the Hernandez family.

“Those who were impacted by this devastating loss were met with compassion and the highest level of professionalism while trying to navigate the unsayable,” Chronister said. “This loss will forever change their lives.”

Source: abcnews

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