Yousef Palani Sligo Killed 2 People, Also Charged for Hurting Other Man

A man in Sligo has admitted that he murdered the two men on purpose and was also charged with the assault of a third man

Sligo, Ireland – Yousef Palani, age 23, had killed Aidan Moffitt, age 42, and Michael Snee, age 58, and the third person whom Palani hurt was Anthony Burke.

Who is Yousef Palani? Murdering Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee

Palani is of Iraqi descent and lives at Markiewicz Heights in Sligo, aged 23. Palani was arrested on 12 April and charged with the two murders the following day.

He murdered Aidan Moffitt on 11 April. Aidan was found dead at his home in Carton Height estate on the northern outskirts of Sligo town at 8:30 pm.

Palani brutally and physically assaulted Aidan at his home. Aidan used to work as a local auctioneer and Gael activist. He was originally from Ballaghaderreen, County Roscommon.

Palani also murdered Michael Snee the next night in his apartment. Snee used to live at Connaughton Road in Sligo and was 58 years old. Michael was also brutally and physically assaulted by the Palani in his apartment. He was found dead around 10:30 Pm the next night. Michael was a retired healthcare worker.

Gardaí Investigation Links Murders to Dating App Serial Killer Theory

Upon investigation, Gardaí thought this could be the work of a serial killer targeting men on dating apps. At the same time, Gardaí was also investigating the case of Anthony Burke. Who lost his eye on Saturday, 9 April, in Sligo town.

In the further investigation, Gardaí also concluded that all these cases could be linked together.

On 14 April, Gardaí arrested a 22-year-old man Yousef Palani in Sligo town. Then later, he was charged with the two murders and the attempt to kill a third man.

Yousef Palani’s Trial Update

The earlier trial was scheduled on 13 November, but now the trial of the case of Yousef Palani is scheduled on 23 October.

Palani also demanded to change his senior lawyer before his sentencing, defense lawyer Brendan Grehan SC told Mr. Justice McDermott.

He asked for the court’s permission to assign Michael Bowman to represent the defendant.

Mr. Grehan also mentioned that the defense team is still awaiting reports about Palani from a central mental hospital and the Castlerea prison in Roscommon. Defence also refused to share the mental evaluation of Palani with the government.

In the meeting, which was held on 26 April, Mr. Grehan mentioned that the client’s psychiatric evaluation had come in that week.

Palani was held captive in Castlerea prison in Roscommon. Palani was also on the suicide watch by the prison service.

Finally, on 31 July 2023, Yousef Palani was charged and will be sentenced on 23 October.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What was the name and the age of the murderer?

A1. The name of the murderer is Yousef Palani, and his age is 23.

Q2. What is the name of the victims?

A2. The name of the victims is Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee.

Q3. What is the address of Yousef Palani?

A3. Yousef Palani lives at Markievicz Heights in Sligo.

Q4. When did Gardai catch Yousef Palani?

A4. Yousef Palani was arrested on 14 April.

Q5. Where was Yousef Palani held Captive by Gardai?

A5. Yousef Palani was held captive in Castlerea prison in Roscommon.

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