Lebron James criticizes Joel Embid critics. Where’s Your Apology?

LeBron James is upset about the news of Joel Embiid’s knee injury.

He is criticizing the people who criticized Embiid for missing games and is asking them to admit that they were wrong.

Embiid injured his left knee during the game against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. He will be out of the game for at least the weekend, while the team decides how to treat the injury. Embiid had missed several games before due to soreness in the same knee.

At the time, many analysts criticized him and questioned whether he had a legitimate reason for sitting out. Now that Embiid is injured, LeBron is calling out those who were wrong.

LeBron expressed his frustrations on social media, asking why the media outlets and personalities who criticized Embiid for missing games have not apologized to him.

Embiid has played in 34 games this season and, if he misses four more games, he will lose his chance at the top league honors, despite his impressive stats.

LeBron wants Embiid to get more respect, but he may not get his wish if no one wants to backtrack on their opinions.

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