A poster by Russell Westbrook of Dillon Brooks goes viral and gets a lot of responses from fans

A poster by Russell Westbrook of Dillon Brooks goes viral and gets a lot of responses from fans

Right now, everyone in the world is talking about Russell Westbrook’s amazing dunk try in the air, with the ball aimed at the notorious jerk Dillon Brooks. Even though Russ couldn’t finish the dunk, the picture is going viral on social media. It’s crazy how much attention a failed dunk is getting! Fans couldn’t help but react with shock.

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Some fans said that the way Westbrook dealt with Brooks after the failed attempt was “epic.” Because the move was so well done, some followers are ready to stick to their denial and say that Russ was successful in his attempt.


Many watchers noticed that right after Westbrook’s shot went wide, Brooks told him he didn’t have enough bounce.

Many fans think that Westbrook’s missed shot was because he is now 35 years old, saying that Russ in his prime could have easily stopped both the ball and Brooks. People who like Westbrook’s amazing athleticism said that we should still enjoy this picture whether he dunks the ball or not.

clippers-news-russell-westbrook-proudly-laughs-in-dillon-brooks-face-after-failed-poster-dunkWestbrook is still trying to make a difference for the Clippers, even though he is playing less and less. After the Clippers got off to a 0-5 start with Westbrook, he asked that James Harden start ahead of him and put him on the bench. This would let them spread out their offensive output.

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James harden three-pointer from inside the arc was the game-winner in their first matchup with the new setup. Already, the Clippers’ choice to let women play a game is paying off. Even though Westbrook is a starting point guard for a championship team, his play is clearly getting worse. She scores 13.5 points, gets 6.6 rebounds, and gives out 5.4 assists per game.


Why Russell Westbrook and James Harden got into a fight in the first place these days, there have been rumours that not all Clippers are happy with the deal for James Harden. Head coach Tyronn Lue, who wanted to use Westbrook as an offensive weapon, is likely one of the people who got ripped off. Lawrence Frank, the team’s general manager, signed James Harden to a contract because he wants Harden to take over as the team’s main playmaker from Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook saved the Clippers a few months of pain by giving up his starting spot so that a better starting five could be put together. If he hadn’t, this could have caused a lot of problems later in the season. What if the other five players don’t win? Russ will still be an important part of the sixth man machine. Paul George is already saying nice things about how selfless he is.

In light of what he gave up and what he did for us, trying new things takes a lot of guts. The way Russ leads and acts is truly admirable.

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Before last season’s deal, it was clear that Russ didn’t want to lose his spot in the rotation. Westbrook, on the other hand, made the same sacrifice with the Lakers. He came off the bench and did the work, just like the Clippers think he should be doing right now.

Though everything could go well, I don’t think the Clippers will be able to beat the West. Harden needs to improve his stats—he’s only getting 6.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.7 assists—so Russ’s move to the bench will be worth it.

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