Al Hilal Signs Neymar For A 2 year Deal Worth £86.3m

A New Chapter for Neymar in Saudi Arabia

Al Hilal signed PSG forward Neymar. Neymar has agreed agreed to sign a two year contract with Al Hilal.

In Saudi Arabia, Brazilian forward will earn £129.4m a year and club will receive £86.3m.

This is the end of the PSG Galctico era, Messi and Neymar already left the club and Mbappe will also leave the PSG soon.

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Neymar appreciated Ronaldo for sparking the growth of Saudi Arabia league even after being called crazy when he move to the Al Nassr. Neymar also mentioned that he has moved to the very competitive league.

After leaving the United during 2022 World Cup and joining Al Nassr and making the league more competitive has helped Neymar to make the decision to join Al Hilal.

Today Saudi Arabia league growing rapidly and it will be tough to play against new players as well as players that were brought into the league.

Neymar also mentioned that it will be exciting to play in a new club and with new friends and he wants to help the Saudi Arabia league grow even more and win more titles.

Playing against Karim Benzema, Roberto Firmino, Ronaldo will make the Saudi league more interesting and its fun meeting great players and even more exciting to play agianst them.

Luis Enrique who wants to  build a team of young players wanted to sell Neymar and did not even considered him a key player.

For now Mbappe will stay in PSG, PSG wanted to sell him but now Mbappe is back in the training with first team and showed his dedication towards the club. Mbappe also turned down the offer of Al Hilal even though it could be the world record bid of £258 million.

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PSG’s Farewell to Neymar

Al Khelaifi who is the President and CEO of PSG mentioned that Neymar is one of the best player in the whole world and it is really hard to say goodbye to such an amazing player like Neymar.

He has done so much for the club and for project over the last six year and i will never forget the day when he came to the PSG.

Neymar will always be known as a good part of our history and we really had a great time with Neymar.

I want to thank Neymar and his family and we hope the best for Neymar for his future and his next adventure. He is a wonderful player and he was loved by many fans.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the time period of Neymar’s contract?
A2.Neymar has agreed to sign a two year contract.

Q2. Neymar has singed a contract with which Saudi Arabia club?
A2.Neymar has signed a contract with Al Hilal.

Q3. How much money Neymar going to earn in Saudi Arabia club Al Hilal?
A3.In Saudi Arabia club Al Hilal, Brazilian forward Neymar  will earn £129.4m a year and club will receive £86.3m.

Q4. Why Luis Enrique wanted to sell Neymar?
A4.Luis Enrique wanted to  build a team of young players wanted to sell Neymar and did not even considered him a key player.

Source: Sky sports

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