“Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young Cleared to Return to Practice After Injury”

Trae Young is expected to return to practice after recovering from surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left hand. The injury occurred during a game against the Toronto Raptors in February. Although it is still uncertain when he will officially come back to court, the announcement comes just in time for the NBA’s play-in tournament that starts next week.

Young is a vital player for the Hawks, leading the team with an average of 26.4 points and 10.8 assists per game this season. He also earned his third All-Star nod this season. Since his injury, the Hawks have achieved a record of 12-10 over the past six weeks, but they are still one game away from ninth place in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Hawks have already secured a playoff berth, but their position is not yet certain. If Young returns for the final few games of the season, they could potentially overtake the Bulls and secure a more favorable spot in the standings. If not, they will face a tough challenge in the play-in tournament.

With four games left in the regular season, the Hawks will face the Miami Heat in their upcoming game. The team and their fans alike are looking forward to seeing Young back in action soon.

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