Ben Simmons will not play against Warriors as Nets try to manage back injury

Ben Simmons won’t be playing against the Warriors due to a lower back issue. This comes after a tough season for Simmons, missing 38 games earlier with a back problem and recently a knee injury.

Simmons made a comeback with an impressive game on Jan. 29, but a fall during a match against the Jazz sidelined him again. Despite a brief return, he missed the game against the Suns due to a knee issue. However, the coach and Simmons are optimistic that this knee problem won’t last.

Meanwhile, rookie Cam Thomas stepped up, scoring big in recent games. Although Vaughn hasn’t decided on a permanent starting lineup, Thomas has been making a strong case with a career-high 40-point game against the 76ers. Nic Claxton also delivered a stellar performance with 10 rebounds in just 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, injuries continue to plague the Nets, with Finney-Smith, Sharpe, and Simmons ruled out for the upcoming game. Dennis Smith Jr. is listed as probable.

Despite the challenges, the Nets remain hopeful, with Coach Vaughn considering the current lineup as a winning option. Stay tuned for more updates on the Nets’ journey this season!

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