“Drake’s Latest Diss Track Sparks Speculation of Feud with NBA Star Ja Morant”

Drake’s new diss track, “Drop & Give Me 50”, has created a buzz in the rap world. In the song, Drake takes shots at several of his rivals, including NBA player Ja Morant. Some people think that this could be the start of a feud between the two.

Drake’s lyrics include a reference to Morant’s signature celebration, the “griddy”. This suggests that there might be some underlying conflict between the two. There are also rumors about romantic entanglements involving both Drake and Morant with Johanna Leia and Brooklyn Nikole, respectively. Drake’s past involvement with Leia and an alleged fling with Nikole could be contributing factors to any tension between the two men.

Morant’s cryptic social media activity has added to the speculation. A tweet from Morant in March, urging someone to “Stay on dat side,” has been interpreted by some as a response to Drake. Morant’s echoing of Metro Boomin’s tweet, which seemed to imply distrust towards someone who switches sides, adds another layer of intrigue to the situation.

Until either party directly addresses the situation or further evidence emerges, fans can only speculate about the true nature of their relationship and any underlying tensions. The rap and basketball communities will undoubtedly be watching closely for any further developments or responses from either Drake or Morant.

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