Draymond Green Fires Back at Critics After Following Heated Incident

Draymond Green Fires Back at Critics After Following Heated Incident

Draymond green donovan mitchell fight

After getting thrown out for an altercation with Donovan Mitchell during the Golden State Warriors’ 118–110 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday, Draymond Green replied to those who didn’t like him.

On Sunday, he wrote on his Instagram story, “I’m in year 12 and you all are still telling me to stop being Draymond.” “Don’t call a tech…” I don’t want to say it. You guys are still trying to teach me how to be ME after 12 years? NOBODY is better at being Draymond than me!! What if I told you all how to do your work? You’d think I was crazy…

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“You guys should know how stupid you look telling me how to be myself,” The world would be a much better place if you all had some advice for your own lives. You would also be FAR better at your jobs than you are now. Have a great Sunday, everyone! As soon as possible, like a machine!”

This story has two sides. One the one hand, Draymond’s unmatched passion is part of what makes him such a good player.

But that same anger made him hit a friend in the face at practice last year… That’s it.

Because Draymond is so angry, he has been given technicals and thrown out at important times. The most recent time was during the 2016 Finals, when he was banned for hitting LeBron James in the groyne.

Golden State lost the series in seven games after blowing a 3-1 lead because of that ban.

But it’s clear that Draymond will never change, whether we like it or not.

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