“Ex-Jazz PG John Stockton Tells How NBA’s Changed A Ton”

The Utah Jazz have had a problem with key players missing games frequently. Over the past two seasons, Lauri Markkanen has missed 44 games, and Jordan Clarkson will have missed 48 games if he does not return this season.

John Stockton, a former Jazz player, rarely missed games during his 19-season career. In a podcast interview with Adam Morrison two years ago, Stockton explained how he managed to stay healthy. He said that he had a high pain tolerance and was willing to receive treatment for his injuries.

He also mentioned that he had to make adjustments to his body that were not part of the medical model. Playing all 82 games is no longer common in today’s NBA. The regular season has fewer games, and teams prioritize their health over seeding. Additionally, tanking for draft position has become more common, which means that some teams intentionally lose games to get a better draft pick.

The Jazz have been rebuilding their team for the past year, and some fans are divided on whether tanking is the right strategy. The team has received a late first-round and early second-round draft pick this season. They will not convey their first-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder this season, but they most likely would have kept it anyway, with worse lottery odds.

Although Stockton and Karl Malone, who missed 10 career games, had impressive careers, it is unlikely that the NBA will see players like them again. The league has changed, and players are more focused on their health than ever before.

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