GloRilla Embraces ‘GloLillard’ Nickname in Response to Damian Lillard’s Wife Roast

GloRilla isn’t letting the comments from Damian Lillard’s estranged wife get to her. Instead, she’s embracing the nickname given to her by Kay’La, Lillard’s soon-to-be ex-wife.

After Kay’La posted GloRilla’s mugshot on Instagram following her recent arrest for DUI and jokingly called her a sister wife with the hashtag “#FreeGloLillard,” GloRilla responded with a lighthearted video. She proudly wore a jersey with her new nickname, “GloLillard,” along with Lillard’s number “0” on it.

GloRilla’s playful clap back seems to show she’s taking the situation in stride. She might even be hoping for a potential connection with Lillard through her clothing choice.

Despite the recent drama, GloRilla is focusing on her own challenges. She was arrested last week for DUI, possessing an open alcoholic beverage container, and another traffic violation. It’s clear she’s not looking to start any more drama.

Overall, it seems “GloLillard” is here to stay, and GloRilla is taking the situation in stride, regardless of Kay’La’s opinion.

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