Former NFL Player Henry Ruggs III Receives 3 to 10 Year Prison Sentence for Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

A Devastating Accident

Former American Football player Henry Ruggs III of Las Vegas Riders charged and jailed for almost 3 to 10 years in Prison. This action was taken & completed on Wednesday.

Henry was drunk while driving and got into an accident and killed a Las Vegas women and her dog.

Tina Tintor is the women who died in the accident and her dog max. A 24 year old Henry Ruggs was sorry and apologize to the family and written an apology letter for his mistake to the Tintor’s family on Wednesday.

Henry apologized “I sincerely apologize for the pain and suffering I have caused to the tintor’s family”.

In the presence of his lawyers Henry said that he let his teammates, family and those who believed in me with my actions.

Henry wants to raise the awareness towards the risks associated with the drink at driver at higher speed.

Raiders cut the ties with Henry the day after the accident happened.

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The Impact on the Tintor Family

For the first time on Wednesday someone from the Tintor’s family has spoken publicly about the accident. Tintor first came to the United States with her family when she was a child.

Tintor and her family had fled the war torn Serbia and came to the United States. She had multiple responsibilities, she used to look after her nephew, used to help father learn the English and overcome the language barrier and she was also supposed to pick up her dad from work on the day she died.

Eric Bauman who is the deputy district attorney. He previously handled many cases. As he kept the case file for two years of Henry Ruggs.

Police told that on November 2, 2021. Henry was in drunk condition & he was driving his car at the speed of 156 mph when the accident happen. He crashed his car Chevrolet Corvette Stingray into the Tintor’s Toyota RAV4. Tintor was driving at the speed of 43 mph.

Legal Proceedings and Blood Alcohol Level

Henry’s blood alcohol level was 0.161. When the police checked him after the two hours of accident.

He was with his girlfriend and three other people at the Topgolf near the Strip few hours before accident. Police found a slip actually a copy of the Topgolf transaction of food and drinks. He and his group was charged for 20 drinks and food.

On the behalf of Tintor’s mother Mirjana Komazec, Tintor’s cousin Daniel Strbac spoke that.

“We hope that this terrible accident will bring good changes in the world from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all the members of the church and Las Vegas Community and everyone who were with us in this difficult time and showed us that we are not alone”.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Henry Ruggs III is sentenced for how many years?
A1.Henry was taken into custody and sentenced for three to 10 years in prison on Wednesday.

Q2. Who was the victim in the in the accident?
A2.Tina Tintor is the women who died in the accident and her dog max.

Q3. What was the reason behind the Henry Ruggs accident?
A3.On November 2, 2021 Henry was drunk when he was driving his car at the speed of 156mph before the accident and crashed his car into Tintor’s car in which Tina and her dog died.

Source: ESPN

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