Houston Rockets Star Jalen Green Welcomes Baby Girl While Expecting Another Child with Girlfriend

Houston Rockets star Jalen Green recently welcomed a baby girl into the world with California student Myah Iakopo earlier this year. Despite expecting another child with his current girlfriend, Draya Michele, there is no tension between the two mothers.

The baby, Peace Moira, was born on February 12. Green and Iakopo have known each other for some time but were never in a serious relationship. Nevertheless, Green is committed to being involved in the child’s life and is providing financial support.

Draya, who announced her pregnancy in March, is aware of Peace Moira’s birth, but the two mothers have not communicated directly. According to sources, there is no conflict between the mothers, as Iakopo is focused solely on co-parenting and is unconcerned about Green’s personal life beyond their child.

Draya is expected to give birth soon, which may lead to future playdates for the half-sisters.

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