Indianapolis Star Columnist Suspended After Awkward Caitlin Clark Exchange

Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel has reportedly been suspended following a bizarre encounter with WNBA player Caitlin Clark during her Fever introductory news conference last month. The two-week suspension was reported by former Indianapolis Star journalist Bob Kravitz, although the start date of the punishment was not specified.

Doyel’s last article for the Star, published on April 29, covered a Colts-related topic. He is expected to return from his ban on May 13. Doyel acknowledged his time off in an automated email reply to inquiries, noting he won’t be checking his messages during his break.

According to Kravitz, Doyel will not be attending any Fever games this summer due to the situation with Clark. Instead, he will continue writing columns off the team by watching games on TV from home.

Doyel made headlines when he sent a heart-hand gesture to Clark during the news conference and followed it up with some questionable comments. He issued an apology for his “oafish” behavior soon after, expressing sincere regret and taking responsibility for his actions.

Clark did not publicly address the incident and appeared to handle the rest of the news conference without issue. She seemed to move on from the awkward encounter quickly.

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