“LeBron James Admits to Watching His Own Highlights on Youtube”

LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers star and one of the greatest players in the NBA, admits that he watch  his own highlights. Despite being hesitant to admit it, James watches his own highlights, just like other players do with their peers’.

“There’s like, sometimes there’s old clips of me that I watch, or come across my timeline on social…” James began on this week’s episode of the Mind The Game Podcast.

“Hold on, bro,” Redick said with a smile. “Look, it’s okay.”

“I see the clips!” James quipped as he quickly defended himself. “I don’t just go online and look up ‘LeBron James highlights.'”

“We all watch our own highlights on YouTube,” Redick replied, as James cracked up in laughter.

“You’ve never gone on YouTube?” Redick asked.

“I have! Of course, I have!” James finally admitted as the two erupted in laughter. “I said from time-to-time, they come through. Of course I have. Oh, by the way, the number one reason you do that is when you hit like a little slump or whatever. ‘Where’s my game at?’ YouTube is the perfect place to find your game.”

His new podcast co-host, former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick, got him to admit it. James is known for his exceptional skills and his highlight viewing habit seems to be useful in some way.

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