LeBron James and Stephen Curry Teaming Up? Payton Thinks Unlikely

Basketball legend Gary Payton thinks that LeBron James will finish his career with the Los Angeles Lakers. The idea of James and Stephen Curry teaming up was quickly dismissed by the Lakers, who asked James’ agent, Rich Paul, about his interest.

Payton thinks that James should stay in Los Angeles and not leave for another team. Payton played in an era when rivals didn’t team up, so he finds the idea of James and Curry playing together unlikely. He doesn’t believe that James will leave Los Angeles, where he is currently based.

According to Payton, Los Angeles is James’ city now, although it was once Kobe Bryant’s city. Payton doesn’t think that James and Curry playing together would make sense basketball-wise. The Golden State Warriors and the Lakers are currently slated to play each other in the play-in tournament as the ninth and 10th seeds. Payton thinks that Golden State would have to give up too many players for James and Curry to play together, so it’s unlikely to happen.

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