Mark Jackson Loses An MSG Broadcast Job After Being Banned by the Knicks

Mark Jackson Loses An MSG Broadcast Job After Being Banned by the Knicks

A story from The New York Post says that Mark Jackson will not be calling any games for MSG Networks this season because the Knicks wouldn’t let him use their private jet.

Jackson was going to fill in for MSG Networks every once in a while, but Knicks management stopped it because Jackson and one of their managers had a fight in the past.

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An MSG Networks representative told The Post, “We weren’t able to work something out this season.”

Jackson shared a video to his personal Instagram on Wednesday night in which he said, “The lies have got to stop.” He seemed to be referring to rumours that the Knicks chose not to hire him.

“I turned down the job more than a week ago because it wasn’t the best time or conditions for me,” he said.

Darren Erman is an assistant coach for the Knicks who used to work for Jackson. In 2014, Jackson, who was head coach of the Warriors, fired Erman from his job there.

ESPN told everyone that Erman was fired because he was listening in on coaches and players’ talks without their knowledge.

Jackson was fired as head coach of the Warriors, and the next day he made fun of Erman.

He told the NBA’s Sirius XM radio station, “When it comes to assistants, you have to pick people who are loyal and dedicated.” “The second assistant, Erman, did something that can’t be excused.”

Fans of the NBA thought the long-time reporter got a raw deal when he and his co-anchor Jeff Van Gundy were fired by ESPN in August.

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