Max Christie was caught cheating on his girlfriend by an Instagram model

Max Christie was caught cheating on his girlfriend by an Instagram model

Someone on Instagram found out that young Lakers player Max Christie was cheating on his lover.

Not long ago, two women were interviewed on TikTok, and one of them said bad things about the Lakers guard.

One of the models talked about meeting an NBA player, but at first she didn’t say who it was.

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She talked about how the guy tied her hands and told her she had to do it right away while they were together.

“He told me I had a certain amount of time to talk to this guy last night,” the model said in the video. ‘Can we get right into it?'” It was an NBA player.
“”We have an hour, can we get right to it?” he asked. I told them, “Do we have time?” I’m not going to come then. He was telling me how much time I had. “I did not go.”

Someone told the other model in the video to “shut the f*** up” when she blurted out that it was Christie.

But she chose to show the Lakers young player how bad his acts were.

I told Max Cristie, “F*** you because you have a girlfriend. You’re adding my b**** back to f*** her, even though she’s more polite than you are.”

Max Christie is seeing Sydney Parrish, who plays college hoops for the Indiana Hoosiers women’s team.

In June 2022, they told everyone on Instagram that they were dating, but the post seems to have been wiped since then.

There are rumours going around that they are no longer together, but this has not been proven.

Christie is 20 years old and has only played eight games this season. He is only scoring 3.0 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 0.6 assists per game.

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