Monty Williams Expresses Frustration Over Officials after Pistons’ Lose to Knicks

Detroit Pistons’ head coach, Monty Williams, voiced his frustration on Monday night after a contentious ending in their 113-111 loss to the New York Knicks. Williams, visibly upset with what he believed was a missed call, passionately criticized the officiating and the league for almost a full minute during the post-game interview. The chaotic final seconds at Madison Square Garden left Williams irate, and his comments are likely to result in a fine from the league.

The controversial sequence involved a potential missed foul as Knicks’ Donte DiVincenzo collided with the Pistons’ Ausar Thompson, disrupting the final moments of the game. Despite apparent contact, no foul was called, allowing the Knicks to secure the win with a crucial three-point play.

Crew chief James Williams later acknowledged that, upon review, a foul should have been called on DiVincenzo. However, since it wasn’t called during the game, the outcome remained unchanged.

The Pistons will face the Chicago Bulls next on Tuesday night.

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