NBA Bans Jontay Porter for Life Over Betting Scandal

Jontay Porter, a Toronto Raptors player, has been banned for life from the NBA after league officials discovered he bet on his own team to lose and manipulated his performance. Commissioner Adam Silver announced the historic punishment on Wednesday, citing Porter’s involvement in a gambling scheme that compromised the integrity of NBA competition.

Investigators found that Porter shared confidential information about his health with a known bettor who placed an $80,000 wager on Porter underperforming in a March game against the Sacramento Kings. The bettor could have made $1.1 million if the wager succeeded.

Porter pulled himself from the game early, claiming illness. The league froze the bet and did not pay out due to the unusual betting activity. Investigators also found Porter made at least 13 bets on NBA games while playing for the Raptors and their G-League affiliate from January to March. He profited over $20,000 using an associate’s online betting account.

The NBA’s strict response underscores its commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the sport. The league is working with federal authorities to continue investigating Porter’s actions and will turn over any future findings. Silver emphasized the importance of maintaining the trust of fans and the broader NBA community.

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