Patrick Beverley Throws Basketball at Pacers Fans, Then Argues with Reporter

**Patrick Beverley Apologizes to Reporter and Fans After Controversial Game**

Malinda Adams, the reporter who Patrick Beverley confronted on Thursday, announced on her social media that the Milwaukee Bucks guard reached out to apologize for his behavior. The Bucks organization also expressed their regret to Adams. Despite her acceptance of the apology, Beverley’s actions during and after the game were surprising and controversial.

During the Bucks’ playoff loss against the Indiana Pacers, Beverley threw a basketball at a female Indiana supporter, hitting her hard in the face. After the ball was returned to him, he threw it again, hitting a man in a Pacers shirt.

The incident shocked and angered fans in the area, but attention eventually shifted back to the game, which the Pacers won 120-98.

After the game, Beverley’s behavior continued to be bizarre. During a postgame interview, he asked a reporter to leave his news conference for not subscribing to his podcast. He pushed her microphone away and dismissed her, saying, “If you’re not subscribed to my pod.”

Later, Beverley addressed the basketball-throwing incident on social media, acknowledging that his actions were unfair and pledging to improve in the future. His season is now over, but NBA analyst Charles Barkley predicted that Beverley could face a suspension next season for his behavior.

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